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Top gadgets for men 2017

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for the man who fancies himself as more of a ‘Q’ than a ‘Bond’, then we’ve got tons of cool gadgets and gizmos to keep him entertained from Christmas morning right through to next year. There are kitchen gadgets and home gadgets, tech gadgets and useful gadgets. Here at Luckies we get very excited about all the technological innovations we release each year, and this year is no exception. Our Top Gadgets for men 2017 will all prove big hitters under the Christmas tree this year.

1. Magni-Viewer
Gadgets for men have never been more universally useful. This unique travel gadget is a smartphone magnifier which doubles your screen size, making it perfect for watching football matches whilst on the beach on holiday, or for episodes of Peppa Pig to keep the little ones entertained.

2. Adventure Wristband
He’ll never be caught without his USB stick ever again. This 4GB USB Slap-on wristband combines fashion with functionality. Made of leather and metal (and rain resistant), this handy little wearable gadget will be endlessly useful for holidays, work and any time you might want to quickly share some photos with a friend.

3. Hologram Viewer
You know when you call on a friend but they’re out? And you’d love to leave them a hologram to let them know you ‘just stopped by to say hi’, but you don’t have any means of making a hologram? Let alone do they have any means of watching it?! Well, gone are those days with this nifty little Hologram Viewer! Definitely the must-have stocking filler for 2017. He’ll be delighted that the technology from his childhood films has finally made it into his living room.

4. Pocket Tin Speaker
This musical gadget would make an excellent stocking filler for him. He can listen to his favourite tunes whilst doing a spot of gardening, attempting some DIY, or even whilst relaxing in the bath with this handy little pocket sized smartphone speaker.

Cool gadgets for men that every man needs

Here at Luckies we pride ourselves on sourcing all the latest innovative gadgets for men out there. We’ve got plenty of cool tech gadgets on offer but you want to know which are the very best – the coolest, most inventive, most necessary to your life. That’s why we’ve compiled this list just for you; the man who has everything. Our definitive list of Cool gadgets for men that every man needs. Are you sitting comfortably in your man cave? Then we’ll begin…

The must-have tech accessory for the stylish gentleman. No need to compromise on aesthetics when looking for protection for your laptop. A slim profile tech sleeve, inspired by the classic manila envelope, made from a strong tear proof and writable material. The Envelope is lined with a quality grey felt for extra protection.

This is the coolest gadget to show off to your friends; your very own home cinema in a box. Like our original Smartphone Projector but this one comes pre assembled with a luxury finish and the addition of surround sound speakers. You can use it to project movies onto the wall whilst you’re snuggled up in bed, or take it on a stag do to show everyone embarrassing videos of your mates.

A futuristic gadget for the man who has everything; Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown himself would be impressed with this one. Create and watch 3D Holograms with this nifty toy. Hours of entertainment.

Never again suffer a lukewarm, soggy lunch with this invention. The iconic brown paper bag has had an upgrade and this version is insulated to keep your food and drinks hot or cold. Perfect if you like to take a hot meatball sub to work, or like your Orange Juice to stay chilled. If you want to get technical; the Brown Paper Bag is made from a tear-proof, leak resistant, insulating material called Tyvek. Plus, it has a sturdy double magnet opening which you can fold down so it’s shut tight and your lunch won’t fall out. Stylish and functional – and way cooler than a cool bag.


Cool Tech Gadgets for Men and Women

These are the coolest tech gadgets on the planet for anyone with a pulse, for people that can’t go a day without music, for people who have a unique outlook to try new things, and for people who like to create a relaxed way of life.

Pocket Tin Speaker

Can’t go long without music, it helps our mood and controls our emotions, sets the scene for romance for a boogy or just to set the mind free. This compact portable speaker is small on size, but big on volume to sing out load on that trail, loosen up in a field or simply stuck out in the sticks with no electricity. Then just pop this lovely silver tin speaker in your pocket and plug into your phone and play for 12 hours playback and then back home in time for lunch. The ideal travel accessory comes with a USB cable and is light weight in a silver vintage style tin, just pop off the lid and listen to your favorite tunes. Loud enough to fill a room, cool enough to get out and grove.

Milk Light

Milk Light gadget for bedroom

The cool retro rechargeable milk light is a soft neon ambient lighting suitable for a nightlight, hanging out at festivals and camping, just enough light to have fun or romance or to get you to the bathroom without dazzling yourself into shock.

Designed replica of the old milk bottles with a translucent inner that glows will also look great and add a special touch to the breakfast table. Light and portable, comes with a USB cable to charge and lasts up to 6 hours. Presented in a cute card carton and has gold writing on the bottle with a cork top.

Adventure Scratch Map

Traveling encompasses a sense of freedom like no other activity and doing things we haven’t tried us a sense of achievement. The Adventure map comes with a booklet of over 280 suggested adventures to try and interact with the full size poster map of the world. A real cool tech gadget for all who embrace new experiences and want to live life to the full. You will always have a story to tell.

A gold map of the world with matte black countries and numbered symbols in foil to scratch off the bucket list adventures to reveal a map of where you have traveled highlighted in colorful dots marking your journey of discovery.and incredible things you have seen and done.