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How to choose the best leaving gifts for friends

When a friend is leaving to carry on with their life somewhere else or maybe he or she got hired in another company, it’s always polite to give them a parting gift. Why is this important? Being humans, we are not sure if we will ever get the chance to meet again so a gift is perfect to act as a souvenir for them to remember you by. As much as we wouldn’t want to say goodbye, it is inevitable. If you’re the one who’s leaving you’d want your friends to give you something small. You wouldn’t buy your friends a random gift, it has to be something that is of significance to them.

Factors to help us pick the perfect parting gift

Like I said above, you don’t just pick any item as a leaving gift for your friend. If you do consider yourselves as friends, you obviously know something that is sentimental to them. Something that is unique to only the two of you.

1. Something you once shared together – maybe you liked dressing up for parties. At Luckies, we offer the Book of Masks which has tear-out masks of every design from Cleopatra to Victorian age masks which you can use for occasions like Halloween. If you were avid fans of Halloween or Masquerade parties, buying them a gift like this one is sure to make them feel loved. Don’t hold back, reflect on what you love doing together.

Masks for partys

2. Something they like doing – you obviously know activities your friend likes doing. If they are avid travelers, you should buy them an Adventure Map and Adventure Journal. An Adventure Map has a scratch map which you can scratch the cover off to reveal the contents. They can scratch of the areas they have visited around the world or even of the place they’ll be moving to so as to get an idea of what to expect. We have a wide range of framed maps which can be customized to fit their needs and preference such as cuisines, geography and so much more.

adventure map

3. Something new you know they might want to try – maybe there’s something you wanted to try but didn’t get the chance to. At Luckies, we offer a wide range of scratchable bucket list which will encourage them to try out new stuff when they settle in the new place. The bucket list can contain as many activities as you want making sure they never lack an adventurous time.

There are so many reasons that maybe more personal which will affect the kind of gift you want. Visit our online store and see for yourself the wide range of gift you can get for your friends. Our gifts are affordable for all and totally worth it. If you want a custom made gift just contact us so that we can get your specifications. It may be a bit costly but it’s also worth every penny.

5 birthday gift ideas for men

If you’re stuck for birthday gift ideas for men, take a look at our top 5 birthday gifts for him. No matter what he’s into; Barbecues, Golf, or box sets of Family Guy, we’ve got the perfect birthday gift ideas for him. So don’t stress if you’ve left it to the last minute, or you’re all out of inspiration after outdoing yourself with last year’s present (we’ve all been there), put your feet up and choose one of these 5 birthday gift ideas for men. He’ll still be thanking you this time next year!

1. Scratch Map Platinum

The ultimate travel gift. This platinum edition of our scratch off world map makes a striking statement on any wall, making these excellent birthday present ideas for men who are well travelled. He’ll love scratching off the platinum foil to make his own personal travel record for all to see. This luxurious edition also has the added features of ownership information, a set of icon stickers to track memorable places and journeys, and a high quality scratch coin.

birthday gift ideas him

2. Magni Viewer

A unique gift idea for men who are movie lovers or TV boxset bingers. The Magni Viewer doubles their smartphone screen size meaning they can watch their favourite TV show on the move. Great for those long morning commutes, or watching the football in the garden. Yes, we know it’s winter but sometimes that’s the only place you can get any peace and quiet!

Birthday gift ideas for him

3. Hologram Viewer

A purely fun and frivolous gift. This futuristic gadget will give them hours of entertainment as they create and view their own holograms. The perfect man toy for men who are big kids at heart.

4. Brown Paper Bag

If you’re looking for useful birthday present ideas for men, this innovative gift is a lunch bag made from a durable, reusable and insulated material that will keep his meatball sub hot and his orange juice cold.

5. Barbecue Stamp

This cool gift is surely on every man’s birthday present list. With this must-have BBQ tool, he can personalise his burgers and steaks according to his guests preferences; ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Little bit of Blood’ or ‘Nearly Burnt’. Although we hope nobody’s purposefully burning good quality steaks out there. What a waste!

3 Christmas gift ideas for her

Christmas is coming! The goose is getting fat. The Coca Cola ad is on repeat and the shops are unbearably full and stiflingly hot. You’ve no doubt made your Christmas list and ticked everyone off already though, right? No? You’ve still got to get something for Mum? For your wife? Girlfriend? Auntie? Uh oh, back to the shops you go with every other Tom, Dick and Carol… Unless, you’d rather sit back on the sofa with a cup of home brewed Christmas blend coffee and click on one of these 3 Christmas gift ideas for her? Oh alright then, you take it easy – we’ve got your Christmas covered.

1. Scratch Map Original

original scratch map poster

If you’re looking for a meaningful Christmas present for Mum that says ‘thanks for all your hard work bringing me up but now it’s time to do something for yourself’, then how about our Scratch Map Original? There’s no better way to encourage her to get out there and see the world, or to stay out of the country and out of your business for a few more weeks of the year at least.

2. Love Note

Romantic love note

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend then look no further than the Love Note. What lady (or man for that matter) wouldn’t soon over their very own personal love message in a bottle? The simplest things in life are the sweetest and all you have to do with this xmas gift is write your own personal note to your loved one and seal it in the bottle with the sticker provided, and they’ll have a gift they can cherish forever.

3. Pocket Tin Speaker

If you’re still stumped for Christmas gifts for her then how about one of our pocket sized smartphone speakers? The perfect stocking filler for music lovers and a great Christmas present for a friend or work colleague; they can blast those Christmas tunes out for all to hear, whether they want to or not.

5 top birthday gift ideas for men

birthday gift ideas for men

It’s his birthday and he’s given you no list, no hints, not so much as an inkling of what he’d like as birthday gifts. In fact all he’s said is ‘I don’t need anything’ and the biggest lie of all time; ‘you don’t need to get me anything’. Well, we all know how disappointed he’d be if you actually didn’t get him anything, he’d be sulking about it for weeks. Not to worry, we’ve got 5 top birthday gift ideas for men that are sure to please dads, husbands, partners, brothers and uncles alike. These birthday present ideas are all tried and tested, guaranteed hits so you can’t go wrong!

1. Scratch Map Platinum

birthday gift ideas

Our most luxurious and most detailed Scratch Map to date. A stunning birthday gift for travellers, this world map poster is printed on platinum paper with shimmering metallic ink and platinum foil for them to scratch off the countries they have visited. Also included is a set of icon stickers to personalise their map with and a high quality scratch coin.

2. Magni-Viewer

cool birthday gift ideas

Another travel friendly gift for the man who’s more interested in getting his content fill whilst he’s away. This smartphone magnifier doubles his screen size making it easier to view movies and TV shows whist on the move.

3. Smartphone Projector 2.0 Copper

This cinema in a box with copper detailing is a stylish and fun gadget to impress his friends with. He can invite them round for a movie night and project the film onto the wall of his man cave. Or take it on holiday to create his very own open air cinema.

4. The Envelope

This stylish tech sleeve is the perfect gift for workaholics. He can keep his laptop safe in this retro styled laptop sleeve made to look like an old fashioned Manilla envelope. Made from a tear proof and writeable material.

5. Hologram Viewer

Birthday gift ideas for men don’t get more fun than this; his very own Hologram Viewer. Obi Wan himself would be jealous of this quirky futuristic gift that allows him to create and view his own Holograms.

Top 5 cool birthday gifts for men

Top cool birthday gifts

It’s hard being good all the time. It’s hard always getting it right, and sometimes you’re gonna find yourself stumped for a cool birthday gift. You’re going to hit a mental block on just what exactly you can buy to satisfy and delight. A dad, a brother, uncle, grandad, second cousin twice removed; the men with birthdays come in all shapes and sizes. It can be quite a minefield, all this being cool, but at Luckies we understand that, so if you think you’re in danger of buying your guy a Crocs voucher out of sheer exasperation and you’ve used up all the good ideas you thought you had, we’ve got 5 cool birthday gifts for men listed below to save your skin.

Explorer Bottle

Our Explorer Bottle is a stainless steel drinking bottle that does exactly what it says on the tin. Just to be clear, like we said its made of stainless steel, and it says it on the bottle which isn’t a tin. But look, you get the jist. It can be clipped to a bag or waistband for the more scatty birthday boy in your life, and he doesn’t need to be a Bear Grylls to benefit from its hardwearing exterior.

Camera Light

The Camera Light is a rechargeable ambient light presented as a vintage camera. Perfect for a bedside table, desk top, or corner of a feature shelf in a particularly cool living room.

Perry The Capitalist Pig

Perry The Capitalist Pig is a chalkboard money box, so if think your man is a little more difficult to please, maybe suggest he saves for his own gift. He can even keep track of his proximity to (and distance from) his goal by writing on Percy’s belly.

Adventure Wristband

The Adventure Wristband is a slap on PU leather wristband that houses an 8GB USB drive. Perfect for travellers, big important business men, or maybe just if your guy likes pretending he’s a spy – all equally cool reasons they might need portable storage.

If he’s a Summer baby, the coolest gift you can get him is one he can use at his (inevitable) BBQ birthday party. The BBQ stamp can be heated up in flame, and has 3 toppers so that he can brand different messages into the meat he’s cooking – “Black and Blue”, “Nearly Burnt”, and “Little Bit of Blood”. He’ll be the coolest host at the coolest party, and your job will be done.

Top gifts for work friends and colleges

leaving gifts for colleagues

You can’t choose who you work with. Sometimes they’re so awful you feel physically lighter when they’re on holiday or off sick. Sometimes you forget their name the second they tell you and spend the next 3 years saying “hello mate” every time you’re in the break room together. Sometimes they steal your stationery, CONSTANTLY, and then pretend they don’t know what you’re talking about even as they stand before you chewing the top of your good pen to shreds. But that’s not everyone, and that’s certainly not how we feel about each other at Luckies H.Q. I don’t think…

But anyway, yes, awful colleagues, but sometimes they’re good. And then they go and leave, and through the waterfall of tears, it’s you that’s tasked with finding them a top leaving gift.

Post it notes

If they’re leaving for pastures new and are no longer able to pinch yours, maybe they’ll need some stationery of their own. Our Rainbow Notes are a perfect accompaniment to any stationery care package you might put together for them. 250 brightly coloured sticky notes that’ll remind you of them no matter where their new desk is situated.

If they’re off travelling, the Luckies Adventure Journal is a perfect gift. The journal features a 300 strong bucket list of weird and wonderful activities to get involved in across the globe, and a map to scratch them off as you complete them. Like the international equivalent of collecting those Panini football stickers. Just make them promise they’ll take a selfie if they do a bungee jump for the workplace newsletter.

Maybe this is it, and they’re retiring. Which means, according to the retirement rules, that they’re probably about to start hanging around in their kitchen and baking loads. The Message Rolling Pin has a silicone wrap that be changed to print 3 sweet messages into their biscuits and pastries. Hopefully now they’re got all this time on their hands, they’ll be able to bring a tray in for you all to enjoy.

3 unusually cool birthday gifts for any occasion

Cool birthday gifts

There are a lot of great things about being invited to a birthday party. Cake, music, watching other people’s drunk elderly relatives dance to Miley Cyrus, cold chicken nuggets, cake, booze, cake. Did we mention that we enjoy cake? Anyway, despite all this, the one downside to a birthday party, is that whatever cool gift idea you think you’ve had, has to be opened in front of at least 15 strangers. Don’t feel so cocky now, do you? Well don’t worry, we’ve got at least 3 ideas for unusually cool birthday gifts that will save you from public shaming amongst strangers.

Cool gadgets

Cool gadgets

If your guy is into his tech, our Hologram Viewer is a really cool gadget you can give as a birthday gift, and we can pretty much guarantee no one else will have thought of it. After downloading the free app, your giftee can create their own custom holograms on their phone and project them through the viewer. They can even make a birthday hologram and project it at the party. If you’re giving it as a birthday gift, they’ll also receive a personalised text message with instructions on how to download and play their own holograms.

Unusual gifts

Unusual gifts

Captain Greenfingers? Or maybe he loves space. Maybe it’s both, and you’ve hit the absolute jackpot with our Rocket Planter. The rocket shaped plant pot is a really great unusual gift. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could also buy them a red plant to put in it, completing the jet fire effect.

Gifts for any occasion

Scratch Map Poster

Luckies are best known for our Scratch Map, which in itself is a pretty unusual and cool gift to give. Whether the gentleman you’re buying for is a traveller, has been in the past, or plans to be in the future, they can mark their journey on a very attractive piece of cartography. The Scratch Map comes in a number of varieties, including the Gourmet Scratch Map for your foodie buddy, the Adventure Map for your daring pal, or the Deluxe Edition if you really want to birthday treat them.

10 Cool Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Junkie


We all know a novelty stationery buff – the type of person who organises their pens and pencils better than their bank balance, who gets annoyed if you borrow a rubber and never give it back, or who has more highlighters than Facebook friends. Well prepare to be the top of their Christmas card list, with this guide to cool gift ideas for the novelty stationery junkie.

For the Office Stationery Lover – Sardine Paperclips

These Sardine Paperclips are a super fun way to brighten up your desk in the office. Beautifully packaged, fish shaped and reusable, now when something is a bit fishy in the office it won’t be that left over tuna sandwich in the fridge that no one’s claiming responsibility for! Affordable and cute, they make the perfect gift for any boy or girl who wants to organise their paper work in style.

For the Crafty Stationery Addict – Just Your Type

These gold foil sticker letters are a great way to personalise folders, laptops, pencil cases and whatever else you can lay claim to. Just Your Type includes:

  • 600 characters
  • 5 variations of fonts
  • Over 100 funky images and icons

They’ll definitely keep your pencil pushing friends entertained for a while.

For the Competitive Stationery Enthusiast – I’m As Big As

The ‘I’m As Big As’ chart is a cool gift for any fun loving families you know, where you can mark your height on the chart and find out what famous people, animals or objects you measure up to. It’s also the perfect present for someone whose colleagues are a little, how can we put this…square? and need something fun to bond over in the office – it’s hard not to break down those icy barriers when you find out that Barry from accounts is the same size as a Yeti…

For the Forgetful Stationery Hoarder – Eric The Memo Elephant

Got a forgetful friend that could do with some helpful and noticeable reminders? Let us introduce Eric The Memo Elephant – because elephants never forget! He’s made of smooth white ceramic and loves to be written on – never again will your friend forget to buy toilet roll or call their mum back…

For the Arty Stationery Fanatic – Geppeto

This jovial little fellow can’t tell a lie – handy for when you’re sharpening your pencils. Because no one ever likes it when they think they’ve sharpened the perfect amount then the nib falls off! Combat this stationery buff’s pet hate by popping your pencils into his nose, and watch them shrink as you sharpen – who says the truth hurts aye?

For the Clean Freak Stationery Worshipper – Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

Novelty stationery meets the clean freak.Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy is a cool gift idea for boys and girls who love to keep their desk ‘put-that-pen-back-in-its-place’ tidy. It also brings a little humour to the clean freak’s ways because who doesn’t like tiny replicas of big, everyday items?

For the Animal Loving Stationery Admirer – Bianca Hippo Memo Holder

The Bianca Hippo Memo Holder, because when you read the memo that you’ve got an 8am meeting tomorrow that you’ve done no prep for, it takes the sting out a bit if the paper its written on is hanging from the mouth of a smiling hippo…

For the Fun Stationery Buff – Animal Gift Wrap

As far as novelty stationery goes, this is probably top of the pile. This animal gift wrap lets you transform boring gifts into super cool animal friends. Just put your gift in a corresponding box, wrap them up and start accessorising with teeth, ears, fangs and tails! Whether it’s a Bear-thday, Christ-Moose or Bat-mitzva there’s a creature for all occasions!

For the Travel Obessessed Stationery Collector – Airmail Travel Wallet

For those friends who are so organised when they travel they put you to shame, we give you the Airmail Travel Wallet. With space to keep your:

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Cash
  • Travel documents

It’ll definitely go down well with your plan-ahead friends. And not only is this cool gift super practical, it also looks like a retro airmail envelope – pretty good huh?

For the Active Stationery Devotee – Memo Mountain

More accessible (and arguably better) than Kilimanjaro, the Memo Mountain is a cork board in the shape of scenic mountains, perfect for adding all of your to do lists and important pictures to. And the best thing about this novelty stationary set? The pins are little tree shaped push pins. Cute or what?

Cool Gift Ideas for August Birthday Boys and Girls 


Ever remember being super jealous of the friends at school that got to celebrate their birthdays in the summer holidays? Us too. No alarms for school, no homework, just playing in the park in the summer sun. Well hopefully you’ve got over that bitterness, because it’s time to help those Leo born babies celebrate in style once again. Here’s our guide to cool gift ideas for boys and girls that were lucky enough to be born in August.

Waterproof Notebook

One of the coolest things we’ve seen come out of 2016… If you know anyone who has their best ideas in the shower then this is definitely the perfect gift for them – no more can they blame their ever elusive ideas on the lack of writing apparatus in the bathroom! It also makes a pretty cool gift for boys and girls who keep a journal whilst on the trot – come rain or shine this hardy notebook will stick by their side, ready to document all of their profundities (or more likely some bored doodles of cats).

Message Rolling Pin

Now this next birthday gift idea is guaranteed to get you some brownie points – bake a birthday cake for your family or friends and use the Message Rolling Pin gift set to write your own personalised message on the icing. Decide from the three message options how cute or embarrassing you want this birthday treat to be – just be prepared that prying eyes might see it too! Plus, after you’re done making the cake, you can give them the rolling pin set – a perfect gift for any one who can give Nigella a run for her money in the tasty treat department.


August is about the time people start running away for their summer holidays – the kids are done with school, work is unbearable in the heat, the sun, sea and sand are calling… Get the birthday boy or girl in the mood for some summertime travels with the Luckies Mapnetic – a magnetic, dry wipe world map that lets you plan out or document your travels. Great for those that have caught the travel bug, or just a cool gift idea for boys or girls that love to dream about a life outside the office walls…

Deco Decal Stickers

Need a cool gift idea for the vintage lover in your life? It has to be Deco Decal Stickers, obvs. Whether it’s pin up chic or deco decoupage they’re into, these retro stickers are bound to brighten up their day! With a plethora of pin ups to choose from, these glamorous girls perk up any accessory, and will definitely ensure you get a birthday invite to next year’s party.


If the long hot days of summer (all two of them) have got you missing the rain, then this is the gift for you. Rainmaker transforms watering the plants from a daily chore into an awesome activity – it connects to your soft drink bottle and waters your plants through a little raincloud – perfect for your green fingered friends and a great gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement to water those poor drooping house plants!

Cool Gift Ideas to Keep Children Entertained this Summer Holiday

Cool Gift Ideas by Luckies

With school holidays soon to be in full bloom, you can never be too prepared with fun activities and cool gift ideas to keep the kids happy while you travel. Whether the car’s packed to the brim as you drive to the south of France or you’ve just boarded that 9 hour plane journey to Orlando, you will definitely benefit from our selection of those all-important travel games and colouring in. With our awesome gifts for children, never again will that spine-tingling phrase ‘Are we there yet?’ be uttered again. At last!

Introducing OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll, the mini roll of colouring and games to play on the go. With plenty of enchanting hand-drawn destinations waiting to be brought to life through colour, this cute and portable entertainer will become more vital than the sun block itself. Either let the kids carry it in their holiday rucksack or have it conveniently placed in Daddy’s bum bag, ready to be whipped out for all ‘flight delayed’ emergencies. Not only will this little miracle be the secret to keeping the youngsters occupied on tour, the fun travel games of dot-to-dot and mazes means the whole family can get involved.

No travel games and colouring in would be complete without the awesome addition of OMY Magic Felt Tip Pens, 16 double-ended, tip pens that come in a variety of bright colours to match these bright designs. With the benefit of them being erasable it means that there’s no need for the kids to get upset when they colour out the lines. After all, it was Mum’s fault when she suddenly swerved to the other side of the road – remember that the rest of the world drives on the right, Mum!

And finally, just as no two kids like to have the same toy, with our travel games and colouring in, no two colouring-in adventures are the same. With four adventures to choose from, (Barcelona, New York, London and Paris) either choose the most appropriate destination to match your travels or give a different adventure to each of the rugrats. Each pack comes with its very own multi-coloured pencil with 7 changeable coloured tips which means there’s no squabbling over the shared stationery letting the kids freely scribble and shade away when in transit.