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Unusual Christmas Gifts for Someone Special

Christmas is a great time of year for spending with your loved one – whether you’re in a new relationship, you’ve passed the seven-year-itch with flying colours or you’re plucking out each other’s grey hairs, there’s never a better time to let that someone special know that you really care for them. But how do you translate all of that into a present? It’s definitely a tall order, but we think we’ve done a pretty good job of collecting some of the best unusual Christmas presents for that someone special and putting them all in this handy guide.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for the New Relationship

Who doesn’t love the dizzying whirlwind that is a new romance? The kind that makes you tell any one who’ll listen just how smitten you are (even the Uber drive at 2.00am). We’ve thought about this one long and hard. It’s not too soppy, but can definitely encourage a lot of situations where cuddling up is paramount. By giving your new beau the Smartphone Magnifier, you can transform any private occasion into a back-seats-of-the-cinema kind of night. Whether you’re going camping and want to watch something scary or you’re in the bath and fancy watching something romantic, Smartphone Magnifier is perfect for bringing you closer together.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for the Comfortable Couple

When you’ve been with someone a while, you need to make every present count. All too often we can fall into the trap of feeling overly comfortable with a partner – but buying them the new part to the leaky tap they need to fix is a sure fire way to snuff out the spark that first brought you together. So why not give them a super-thoughtful and personal present this Christmas? Try our Framed Scratch Map® poster. Now you can record all your treasured holiday memories in pride of place in your home.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for the Seasoned Pros

When you get to a certain point in a relationship and you know each other inside and out, gimmicky gadgets and trendy presents seem somewhat redundant. Sometimes all you need is a gesture, to show how strong your love for them still is. That’s why we created Love Note – a message in a bottle that you can write and seal yourself. Nothing says I love you like a handwritten note ready to traverse the ocean…

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Do you ever find there’s that special man in your life that is just impossible to buy Christmas presents for? Like, mind-map for hours, take a degree in quirky gifts and hire a personal shopping assistant impossible? Yep, we thought so – us too. But never fear, to save you from the hardship of finding a present for the man who has everything, we’ve compiled this handy list of unusual gift ideas for that hard to please fella. Whether it’s your Dad, your brother or your betrothed, we’ve got you covered.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Dads

Dad’s can be notoriously hard to buy presents for – they’ve got every episode of Only Fools and Horses on DVD, a cupboard full of comical ties and as much fudge as you could stomach in a lifetime. So how about something a little different – something he wouldn’t think to treat himself to? We suggest our Smartphone Projector – a great gadget that will transform his phone into a home cinema kit. What’s better than watching all your favourite movies on the big screen whilst in the comfort of your own home? So whether he’s a sci-fi guy or a Godfather fella, get him a six pack and some popcorn then sit back and wait for the brownie points to mount up.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Brothers

We understand how frustrating brothers can be – pulling your hair when you were young, telling your parents when you snuck out to parties, embarrassing you in front of your boyfriend at family dos – we get it. But Christmas is the season for forgiving, and what better way to call a truce than giving him the awesome Hologram Viewer? Not only will this nifty little gadget let him watch holograms from the comfort of his bed, but you can also create personalised messages to send him beforehand! So whether you’re sending something loving or jibing him about his latest debacle down the pub, Hologram viewer makes an awesome unusual gift for a special sibling.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

When it comes to going Christmas shopping for that special someone, things can soon get difficult. You want just the right amount of soppy, whilst still being quirky and interesting ALL within a budget that won’t break the bank. Sounds like a tall order right? It probably was until we brought out our range of Scratch Map® maps – maps that let you record where you’ve been, want to go or are planning to visit by removing the foil one country at a time. Whether your fella is full of wanderlust, looking for a weekend away or you’re planning your honeymoon, Scratch Map® posters make the perfect present for your all important other half.


Introducing: Festive Gift Wrap

Ever heard the saying ‘it’s all in the delivery?’ Well aside from cracking jokes, this is definitely true when it comes to giving Christmas presents. Can you imagine if Santa just shoved the presents down the chimney, soot covered and grimy, leaving cookie crumbs and spilt milk everywhere? It would ruin the magic a little… So why do we always give presents in last year’s tattered Christmas paper with un-sticky tape holding it together? What if we could make the delivery as special as the gift itself? Now you can! Introducing our Festive Gift Wrap – wrapping paper that brings your gifts to life!

Transform your boring boxes and bottles with this festive gift wrap set, and prepare to see some smiles as jolly as Santa’s. Each pack includes:

  • 6 x sheets of coloured wrap
  • 8 x sticker sheets
  • 4 x cut out sheets

Customise each present you give and turn them into your favourite Christmas characters including Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, The Nutcracker and (of course,) Santa. There are 19 different designs and six characters to choose from, so you’ll never get bored of our seasonal satire.

It will definitely make wrapping up presents more fun… Hang out with your favourite festive folks and get crafty before Christmas – we’ll have you yelling -‘it’s a wrap’ in no time! And if all of this hasn’t convinced you, one more reason that our Festive Gift Wrap is awesome – it takes the sting out of a rubbish present underneath…

Christmas Stocking Fillers For Your Brother

Whether you grew up lovingly building snowmen together or squabbling over the Christmas tree, here at Luckies we’re bursting with Christmas stocking fillers for that dear brother of yours. Show your affection and let bygones be bygones (like that time he ate all your advent calendar chocolates) by giving unique sibling inspired prezzies this holiday.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for your Hipster Brother – Clippa Mini Tools Clip

If your brother’s running with a trendier crowd these holidays that only drink mulled wine from jam jars and crochet their own Christmas stockings then Clippa Mini Tools Clip will certainly suit his style. This hair clip doubles as a tool kit so will keep his man bun tidy and Hackney flat in working order when he’s sat Christmas bauble painting this festive holiday.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for your Inquisitive Brother – I’m As Big As

Inquisitive little brothers undergoing a growth spurt will love I’m As Big As this Christmas. Come Christmas morning, the family will surround this fact-filled wall chart that measures you then compares your height to mythical creatures, famous characters and exotic animals. Your little brother may well wake up the size of a small Christmas Elf and after all those mince pies and go to bed the size of Santa!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for your Sci-Fi Loving Brother – Egg 51 Egg Cup

If most of the items on your brothers list to Father Christmas are sci-fi related oddities relating to Star Trek then Egg51 Egg Cup makes a suitably science-y stocking filler. This fun egg cup holder in the shape of an alien spaceship has been sent to us so that your earthling brother can wake up early Christmas morning and complete his secret mission of cooking boiled eggs for the whole fam.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for your Book-Worm Brother – Hippomark Bookmark

Hippomark Bookmark makes a quaint Christmas stocking filler for your brother who would rather be immersed in a good thriller than immersed in the family carolling contest. This helpful hippo will save his place long enough for him to pull a few Christmas crackers like a good sport, before returning to his hippo-marked page in that best-seller.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for your Beat-Boxing Brother – Pocket Tin Speaker

If you’ve got a beat-boxing bruv forever mixing fresh beatz yo (we’re trying here), then Pocket Tin Speaker makes the perfect stocking filler this holiday. This rechargeable speaker is pocket size perfect for stockings and portable which means your bro can keep that Mariah re-mix blaring all the way to Granny’s house on the coast. All we want for Christmas is you to CHANGE THE SONG!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Under £15

This year, give it all killer, no filler with Christmas stocking ideas at Luckies. Whether you’re buying for your best bud or a second cousin twice removed you met just yesterday, with our Christmas stocking fillers for under £15 you’ll keep your pennies under wraps and give the perfect pocket-sized prezzies we all get out of bed for!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Under £15 for the Bake-a-Holic – Write On Icing

Once all the Christmas cake, mince pies and Figgy pudding has been gobbled, the family bake-aholic may well turn their star baker skills to decorating a Christmas gingerbread house. Encourage such scrummy festivity with Write On Icing, the merry icing tool in writing form that guarantees that seasonal sugar high and acts as a thoughtful Christmas stocking filler for under £15.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Under £15 for the New Home Owner – Slice Steam Releaser

For the new home owner, Christmas is a great time to stock up on those much needed, and often pricey, home accessories. Don’t be left out of pocket when filling their Christmas stocking by giving Slice Steam Releaser, the happy yellow lemon slice that stops pots and pans boiling over and makes Christmas shopping easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Under £15 for the Cheeky Other Half – Tip Top Bottle Stop

Start the new year as you mean to go on (hiding from your loved one that you broke Dry January on the 3rd of the month) with Tip Top Bottle Stop, the quirky bottle stop designed to look like the wine has never been opened. That cheeky other half will truly appreciate this Christmas stocking filler and may even look forward to their New Year’s Resolution of not drinking. We won’t tell If you won’t!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Under £15 for Grandparents that Love an Adventure – British Isle Tea Towel

British Isle Tea Towel is a thoughtful stocking filler for under £15 for the grandparents that love to spend retired snowy days adventuring out on long walks around the British Isle. Covered in fun facts about our great nation, Granny and Grandad may be tempted to new hiking heights when drying up after Christmas lunch.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Under £15 for the Work-a-Holic – Woods Keyboard

When it comes to the workaholic, swapping their suit for a Santa hat is nowhere near the top of their Christmas wish list. By giving Woods Keyboard as a Christmas stocking filler, you won’t break the bank with budget and they’ll feel more at ease during the festive period; knowing they have some epic notelets to stick on coworkers’ keyboards come Monday morning.

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Your Dad


With Christmas just around the corner, here at Luckies we want to give you a helping hand when it comes to thinking up unusual Christmas gift ideas. They say first impressions are everything, so what better way to start your Christmas shopping than with stocking fillers? And more specifically, stocking fillers for the main man in your life – your dear old dad. Trust us when we tell you that his face will be a picture of Crimbo delight with these awesome stocking fillers for him.

Stocking Fillers for the Dad Who Likes to Dad Dance

Okay, so doesn’t every dad like to dad dance? It’s what they do best, but some of us are blessed with a dad that actually dances to decent tunes. Either way, Slade’s biggest xmas hit will sure to be playing out on Christmas morning if you buy him Pocket Tin Speaker for his stocking. This portable speaker will fit into his pocket (and stocking) and despite its size, is loud enough to fill the entire house with music – and with 12 hours playback, the cheesy Christmas music never has to end! It may be wise to buy some headphones for him too…

Stocking Fillers for the Dad Who Likes to Keep Fit

If your dad is a sporty type, he most probably likes to cycle. Whether he simply cycles to work or goes on hardcore biking holidays, he will be sure to thank you if he finds the Bicycle Bible in his stocking. From cycle routes from around the globe to how to mend a punctured tire, this xmas gift for him is sure to go down a treat and keep him energetic – especially after a few too many mince pies during the festive period.

Stocking Fillers for the Ultimate Dad Joker

Festive family gatherings give your dad the opportunity to perfect his jokes and get the crowd chuckling Michael McIntyre style – or at least, so he likes to think. Sound familiar? Then stocking fillers for him are easy to source at Luckies, with our range of undercover products. Take Undercover Laptop Sleeve – disguised to look just like an old padded envelope, it’s practical AND fun, just like your dad… *Insert your favourite dad joke here* and let the season of good will commence.

5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas


Secret Santa is one of those traditions that sounds super fun, but when you pull a name out of a hat and realise you don’t know who the hell it is (let alone what they’d think was an awesome Christmas gift), it becomes more of a chore than a festivity. Here are a few ideas to get you out of a few sticky secret santa situations, from getting the creepy guy in the office to pulling out the names of people you’re still at the ‘how was your weekend?’ stage with.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office

Brown Paper Lunch Bag is the perfect gift for anyone at work that is, say, a little particular about their lunching habits. If they can always be heard complaining that someone’s taken their sandwiches or squished their fruit then this is the perfect gift for them. Designed to resemble the iconic American paper lunch bag, it’s also durable, reusable and insulated, keeping their hot food hot or cold drinks cold. Oh and they can personalise it too, so should they feel the need to write a passive aggressive ‘Keep Out’ note on it they can…

If you’ve got a colleague that you’re forever asking to complete tasks for you then finding out four months down the line your request went unheeded, give them a subtle yet festive hint with Robin Reindeer Memo. A smart looking memo holder that you can pop your notes in to remind Judy from accounts that you’re still waiting for her to pay that invoice from February…

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Family

It’s sometimes best to play it safe with family secret santa… Whilst you and your sister might find it hilarious to buy each other rude presents, Grandma might not find them as amusing. With that in mind, the Umbrella tea infuser makes the perfect gift for those family members that enjoy a nice cuppa – let’s face it, it’s bound to be most of them! Simply pop your favourite loose leaf tea inside the umbrella and watch it brew – a perfect stocking filler for all tea lovers.

And for the younger (or at least young at heart) contingent of the family, there’s the OMY Giant Colouring Poster. Designed to keep the littlens busy for hours, this poster sized colouring paper comes in a range of designs from Paris to Magic and there’s even a Christmas themed poster perfect for those seasonal colouring sessions. So if you need a rest from the excitement of children on a Christmas morning, give them this awesome present and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Friends

All groups of friends have a joker among them – the one who lifts the group spirits and is always on hand with a quip or an anecdote. If you’re lucky enough to pull their name out of the hat then buy them the Rubber Jonny – a pencil eraser that looks just like a condom. Designed to break the tension at any secret santa big reveals, it’s bound to raise a few smiles. That, and it’ll be great to see how many sexual innuendos follow!

Our next present is for the friend that you’re super pleased you got in the secret santa sweepstake. You Complete Me Christmas is a wooden jigsaw shaped like a Christmas tree that is not only festive and fun, but also houses a handwritten message of your choosing on the back. Put a personal joke you both share or just a cute little festive message and watch them piece the puzzle (literally) together of who gave it to them.

3 Stocking Fillers for Men Who Have Everything


When it comes to Christmas time, it’s hard to know what to get the male contingent of your family. Socks stopped being an acceptable gift when you hit puberty and over your dead body are you spending a week’s wages on a computer game that will render your existence on this earth obsolete. Here’s a little guide to help you outsmart Santa, designed to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit and tackle that age-old problem of what to get the man who has everything.

The Perfect Stocking Filler for the Boyfriend Who Has Everything – Manpoints

The daring game of Manpoints may not be very festive, but it’s certainly a great gift for guys with a somewhat competitive nature. Designed to turn your man from chump to champ, the manly dares are segregated into categories with a points system that increases depending on how dastardly the task at hand is. P.S. Ladies – there are even some cleverly positioned challenges to encourage him to be chivalrous and romantic – is this really a gift for him or you?

The Perfect Stocking Filler for the Brother Who Has Everything – Tablet Tuxedo

If your brother is quicker to treat himself to the latest Harry Potter book before you can say ‘Expectrum Patronus’ then you’ll know the frustration of searching for a Christmas gift for the brother who has everything. So when people are telling you it’s the season to be jolly and you feel anything but whilst you frantically trawl through the shops to find something your brother doesn’t already own, just remember we’re here to help. Introducing our Tablet Tuxedo – a smart suit shaped case for your tablet or iPad that means your brother’s gadgets will not only be protected from scratches and prying eyes, but will probably be better dressed than him.

The Perfect Stocking Filler for the Dad Who Has Everything – In-Car-Nito

If your Dad is the kind of fella to read up on everything, to visit every exhibition, to buy every latest film release, you’ll probably have to think outside the box when it comes to Christmas gifts. Why not get him In-Car-Nito? An unusual gift that he’s probably not thought of yet. On the surface it’s just an old vintage book, but when you inspect it further it’s actually a cleverly disguised hideaway to keep your belongings safe in the car! Guaranteed to brighten up his Christmas morning and bound to win you a few extra slices of turkey when it comes to Christmas dinner serving time.

Unusual Stocking Fillers For Women


As Noddy Holder likes to remind us as we sit in the early hours scrambling through our Christmas stockings, ‘It’s Christmas!’ And this year, to ensure the lady in your life isn’t receiving the tat she’ll save and reuse at next year’s office Secret Santa, we’ve rounded up our best unusual stocking fillers for women. You can thank us with a bottle of Christmas port. We like port.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Grandma – Robin Reindeer Memo

If granny’s woken up and asked why there’s a tree in the house then Robin Reindeer Memo is one of the most essential and unusual stocking fillers to see her through the holidays. This seasonal memo holder shaped like a reindeer will happily hold any notes and reminders for her, just in time for when she beats the entire family at Bridge.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Mum – Decomposition Notebooks

Decomposition Notebooks are cute and unusual stocking fillers for mums who love to be organised with to-do lists and notes. Be it notes on when to stick that giant Christmas turkey in the oven or resolutions for the New Year (stop glugging mulled wine, Mum), this little notebook is 100% post-consumer-waste recycled so Mummy will be saving the planet while saving her liver from all that booze.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Girlfriend – You Complete Me Christmas

This cute Christmas tree shaped jigsaw comes in a small soft-touch gift box and proves that size doesn’t matter…when picking out a Christmas tree, of course. Made from natural materials and making a great alternative to a traditional Christmas card, you can sign the back of this unusual stocking filler asking your girlfriend to meet you under the mistletoe for a festive kiss.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Sister – Bottle Clip

When Dry January kicks in your sister can hit the ground running with Bottle Clip, the handy bottle clip with a hook. Available in red and resembling a small bird, this little Christmas robin will clip onto your sister’s belts, bags and coats to free her hands and keep her topped up with alcohol-free goodness all month.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Niece – Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter

When Boxing Day arrives and you’re left staring at the Quality Street that no one wants, why not get creative with your niece in the kitchen with Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter. Up there with our best unusual stocking fillers, the two of you can replace the mince pies Grandpa gobbled with these festive cookie cutters disguised as tea cups.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Men


Have previous stocking fillers for your male mates been so predictable you could base a festive drinking game on them? Satsuma, snowman socks and a lump of coal…down that mulled wine, Fresher. So why not be merry this month with our extensive list of unusual stocking fillers for men that’ll give you more ideas than you can shake a striped candy cane stick at.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Brother – Bicycle Bible

Break the cycle of predictable stocking fillers with Bicycle Bible, a small, industrial strength book on everything you need as a cyclist. Complete with popular cycle routes and handy maps, your brother can get your family’s wheels in motion by swapping the traditional post-lunch Christmas walk to a festive cycle in the snow.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Grandad – Memo Mountain

No one is ever too old for a Christmassy trinket filled stocking which is why Memo Mountain is the smartest stocking filler for your gramps. Let him take a break from dressing as Father Christmas (spoiler alert) to enjoy collecting festive photos of the fam to pin on his new mountable cork board.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Boyfriend – Love Note

Mariah Carey may have said it first but now you can copy those famous lyrics and pass them off as your own with Love Note, the personalised message in a bottle. Being small and stocking-size-perfect, the words ‘All I want for Christmas is you…’ will be much better received by your boyfriend when there’s an act of old-school romance come Christmas morning.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Nephew – OMY Washable Felt Tip Pens

Christmas colouring-in is the perfect boredom-buster for when your nephew is waiting for that Christmas classic film (Home Alone 5 obvs) to start showing. OMY Washable Felt Tip Pens includes:

  • Pack of 16
  • Double-ended
  • Ultra washable

So whether he’s colouring-in Rudolph’s red nose on OMY’s Giant Christmas Colouring Poster or simply choosing to scribble on Granny’s nice kitchen walls, these washable felt tip pens make quirky stocking fillers and unusual gifts for him on his favourite festive holiday.

Unusual Stocking Fillers for Your Dad – Lid Sid

Sid loves to shake up all situations from being one of the friendliest unusual stocking fillers to happily lending a helping hand when cooking the Christmas lunch. Your dad can sit Lid Sid, the saucepan lid lifter on the pan full of beastly Brussels sprouts so that he can give his full attention to more important culinary matters…like testing the mulled wine.