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Christmas Stocking Fillers

If there is on thing we’d say we are experts in, it’s Christmas Stocking Fillers. Let’s face it, this is where a lot of  Christmas shoppers run out of steam and ending choosing stocking fillers akin to a lump of coal. Not cool. When it comes to pocket sized presents, small gifts and fun little trinkets that fit inside large socks – we’ve definitely got it covered. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated a blog category to the subject so we can impart our infinite wisdom and recommend the perfect pint sized present for every person in your life. A speaker small enough to fit in your pocket? Check! Got a friend that is obsessed with all things food? We’ve got heaps of recommendations that will leave them wondering how they ever managed without a Karoto or Cucumbo. Looking for a gift to wow your boss but only have a limited budget before you secure that pay rise? We’ve got guides to demystify buying for the more tricky people in your life (mother-in-laws included), so read on and take note – you’ll have all your Christmas shopping done in no time!

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