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5 top birthday gift ideas for men

birthday gift ideas for men

It’s his birthday and he’s given you no list, no hints, not so much as an inkling of what he’d like as birthday gifts. In fact all he’s said is ‘I don’t need anything’ and the biggest lie of all time; ‘you don’t need to get me anything’. Well, we all know how disappointed he’d be if you actually didn’t get him anything, he’d be sulking about it for weeks. Not to worry, we’ve got 5 top birthday gift ideas for men that are sure to please dads, husbands, partners, brothers and uncles alike. These birthday present ideas are all tried and tested, guaranteed hits so you can’t go wrong!

1. Scratch Map Platinum

birthday gift ideas

Our most luxurious and most detailed Scratch Map to date. A stunning birthday gift for travellers, this world map poster is printed on platinum paper with shimmering metallic ink and platinum foil for them to scratch off the countries they have visited. Also included is a set of icon stickers to personalise their map with and a high quality scratch coin.

2. Magni-Viewer

cool birthday gift ideas

Another travel friendly gift for the man who’s more interested in getting his content fill whilst he’s away. This smartphone magnifier doubles his screen size making it easier to view movies and TV shows whist on the move.

3. Smartphone Projector 2.0 Copper

This cinema in a box with copper detailing is a stylish and fun gadget to impress his friends with. He can invite them round for a movie night and project the film onto the wall of his man cave. Or take it on holiday to create his very own open air cinema.

4. The Envelope

This stylish tech sleeve is the perfect gift for workaholics. He can keep his laptop safe in this retro styled laptop sleeve made to look like an old fashioned Manilla envelope. Made from a tear proof and writeable material.

5. Hologram Viewer

Birthday gift ideas for men don’t get more fun than this; his very own Hologram Viewer. Obi Wan himself would be jealous of this quirky futuristic gift that allows him to create and view his own Holograms.

Birthday present ideas for her

birthday present ideas her

Birthdays. You think you’ve got it all under control. Everyone on the calendar, the spreadsheet, in the phone reminders. But there’s always one. And she’s the one that invites you to her birthday party. You don’t want to be the person that turns up empty handed, but don’t worry if you need some birthday gift ideas; Luckies to the rescue!

Ice Cream Socks

You can’t go wrong with socks, and especially not when they’re designed to look like ice cream. EVERYONE likes ice cream. Whether it’s mint choc chip, or the classic vanilla with sprinkles, that’s a call you’ll have to make by yourself.

Birthday present ideasBirthday present ideas for her

Message Rolling Pin Gift Box

If it’s a wannabe Nigella you’ve got on your hands, then it’s a cool kitchen gift you’ll need. Our Message Rolling Pin comes with 3 different sleeves, which mean she can roll 3 different messages into her pastries, pies, and biscuits. Maybe she’ll even make you some to say thank you.

Gift ideas for her for any birthdayCool birthday present ideas for women


Maybe she’s into travel. Maybe she’s into arts and crafts. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, it’s both! The Colorlogue is a travel themed colouring book, with countries and maps for colouring, plus pages featuring famous landmarks. There’s facts tool, because whichever birthday she’s celebrating, you’re never too old for some general knowledge.

Top 5 cool birthday gifts for men

Top cool birthday gifts

It’s hard being good all the time. It’s hard always getting it right, and sometimes you’re gonna find yourself stumped for a cool birthday gift. You’re going to hit a mental block on just what exactly you can buy to satisfy and delight. A dad, a brother, uncle, grandad, second cousin twice removed; the men with birthdays come in all shapes and sizes. It can be quite a minefield, all this being cool, but at Luckies we understand that, so if you think you’re in danger of buying your guy a Crocs voucher out of sheer exasperation and you’ve used up all the good ideas you thought you had, we’ve got 5 cool birthday gifts for men listed below to save your skin.

Explorer Bottle

Our Explorer Bottle is a stainless steel drinking bottle that does exactly what it says on the tin. Just to be clear, like we said its made of stainless steel, and it says it on the bottle which isn’t a tin. But look, you get the jist. It can be clipped to a bag or waistband for the more scatty birthday boy in your life, and he doesn’t need to be a Bear Grylls to benefit from its hardwearing exterior.

Camera Light

The Camera Light is a rechargeable ambient light presented as a vintage camera. Perfect for a bedside table, desk top, or corner of a feature shelf in a particularly cool living room.

Perry The Capitalist Pig

Perry The Capitalist Pig is a chalkboard money box, so if think your man is a little more difficult to please, maybe suggest he saves for his own gift. He can even keep track of his proximity to (and distance from) his goal by writing on Percy’s belly.

Adventure Wristband

The Adventure Wristband is a slap on PU leather wristband that houses an 8GB USB drive. Perfect for travellers, big important business men, or maybe just if your guy likes pretending he’s a spy – all equally cool reasons they might need portable storage.

If he’s a Summer baby, the coolest gift you can get him is one he can use at his (inevitable) BBQ birthday party. The BBQ stamp can be heated up in flame, and has 3 toppers so that he can brand different messages into the meat he’s cooking – “Black and Blue”, “Nearly Burnt”, and “Little Bit of Blood”. He’ll be the coolest host at the coolest party, and your job will be done.