12 Gifts of Christmas

“Please, not another gift list?!” Well, there’s no denying it’s a list and it does contain some awesome gifts so technically, yes, it’s a gift list. This one won’t be annoyingly rolled out over 12 days though. Really this is just a quick and easy way for you to find the perfect gift for that […]

Valentine’s…Galentine’s…or Palentine’s?

It’s a little known ‘fact’ that Valentine’s Day was invented in 1912 by Hallmark Cards Inc. as a way to fill a gap in sales between Christmas and Easter. Genius. To this day we celebrate love romance the world over every February 14th. Now that’s good marketing! Things have definitely modernised over the last few […]

Testing out the Print Club London x Luckies Screen Printing Kit

We sent our social media manager Sarah an early Christmas present in the form of our brand new Screen Printing Kit – a collaboration with our friends (and screen printing experts) Print Club London. We know Sarah has a creative side (and some clothes that could do with a little ‘jazz’ing up) – here’s a […]

Making the best of a ‘COVID Christmas’

Wherever you are in the world (or country) Christmas is going to be different this year. There won’t be as much going out or celebrating with large groups of friends and family but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun, relaxation, close family time and a short break from all that’s going on. Oh […]

Black Friday Rebels

The idea of being #BlackFridayRebels is simple; rather than offering a discount on our products over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend we’ll be donating 15% of sales to charity. We’re rebelling against the idea that all types of retailers (big and small) and maker/sellers should be forced to offer a discount just because it’s expected. […]

Re-imagining the Scratch Map

Long(ish) story short; we invented the Scratch Map concept in 2009 as an interesting way to keep a visual track all the places you’ve travelled to. It’s a map of the world with a foil surface – you scratch off the places you’ve been revealing a different colour (and often more detail) below. Then you […]
reimagining the scratch map

How to have a KILLER Halloween party even if you can’t have all your friends round.

We know it’s going to be a bit more difficult to have a kick ass Halloween party this year, but you can’t let a challenge get in the way of having some fun, right?! We’ve put together a few ideas to help you get your freak on whether you’re spending it with family, a few […]

7 far out Father’s Day gifts that cost very little, but will mean a lot.

The male of the species can be tricky to buy for at the best of times, but getting the ‘Dad Gift’ right is the holy grail of gift giving. It just ain’t easy. Sure, you can go down the bottle of whiskey route, but that stuff’s expensive and about as original as the least original […]

Write a killer greetings card

Always stuck for words? Here’s how to write a killer greetings card. Writing greetings cards can be a really tricky one. Sometimes the words flow, but other times you get a severe case of writers block, usually just when you’ve forgotten to buy a card, they’re about to walk back into the room as you […]

The perfect no cost gift

Low on funds? Left it too late to buy a gift? Here’s a no-cost or low-cost gift idea that’s worth its weight in gold… Make a book of vouchers that the recipient can ‘redeem’ any old time they like. Fun and thoughtful stuff that costs nothing or next to nothing, but’ll be really appreciated. If […]