Birthday Bumps

Give your top 1 to 5 friends and family birthdays a bump up your to do list with our automated gift reminder.

Obviously, we think you’ll find the perfect gift for them on, but we’ll send you the reminder and you can shop wherever you choose! We’re just here to make sure you don’t forget.

Fill the details in below and we’ll send you a short, personalised reminder 3 weeks and 1 week before each birthday.* Simple.

(You can only have 5 reminders set up at any one time, so pick the most important dates!)


*once you’ve submitted the details (and confirmed your subscription – check your spam folder!) we’ll send you an email with a summary of your birthday bumps. If you want to change your names/birthdays at any time simply fill in the form again and the details will be overwritten. Unfortunately you’ll only receive the summary email the first time you complete the form (technology, eh? We’re working on it!).