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Beanpod window mounted herb growing kit

Beanpod is a the greenest gift you can give! Its green in every way! Beanpod enables you to create your very own indoor herb garden. Simply remove the lid of the Beanpod itself and inside there is a disc of compressed coco peat, as soon as you add water it expands into enough soil fill the bottom half of the pod. Attach the sucker, stick the pod to a window, sow the seeds contained in the sachet, and away we go, you’re gonna be growing your own mini herb garden in no time. You see, apparently, seeds in soil + light + water = growth so the Beanpod makes growing herbs easy. Who knew? On top of being very cool and extremely useful, Beanpod uses no packaging, is made from recyclable plastic and is made in the UK meaning all of which leaves a very low carbon footprint. Perfect for flat dwelling green fingered wannabes the world over, and will last for ages and ages if looked after properly Choose from 3 varieties…