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Travel Maps and Earth Maps

Joy is found on the journey, not in finishing an activity, but in doing it. All you need is a motivational Scratch Map, and the courage to make plans.

Map or EuropeLearning geography and facts about Europe along the way The Europe Scratch Map in laminated coloured card has the foil covering to scratch off along your journey through the many cultures of Europe discovering knowledge, enjoying new experiences.

Please no excuses about having no time to travel. It only takes 7 days, 20 hours and 25 minutes, to complete the longest train journey in the world, covering some 6,346 miles.

Scratch Globe, the World’s most unique Earth Map

3D Globe MapTo know the World, is to travel the World. The Scratch Globe is a unique gift to remind us that there is so much of life to be enjoyed out there in the big World.

If you have limited wall space or you like tactile objects, then you will love the Scratch Globe. Made from strong laminate card, the 3 D Globe sculpture has luxury gold foil to peel and reveal your journey around the World.

A lovely looking object to sit on your desk with happy travel memories, and a focus to continue your path of discovery.

The Original Scratch off Map is the ultimate motivator for living life to the full

Orginal scratch off map

The Original Scratch Map is the ultimate motivator for living life to the full. The only thing stopping you is YOU.

Scratch off map orginalIf you know today’s date, then you need a holiday. All of the World is a stage and you get to decide who the players are on your stage. You are lucky if you realise that we are here to know the worlds senses with our own senses. Touch the world with the gold foiled layered map.

The laminated gold foil is peeled back after visiting a Country from the World Map to reveal an array of colourful information. A lovely gift to yourself, or a loved one. It really is a good looking piece of motivational art work to hang on the wall and remind yourself that great experiences await. Click here to view the Original Scratch off Map in detail.

The UK and Ireland Scratch Map

How well do you know your own country ? and how much of it have you seen ?
Don’t look back and wonder. Look forward and start planning, the journey starts here with a single thought. The Scratch Map is a visual life planner to have fun and this one has luxury silver foil on a blue and white gloss paper. Reveal details of the places you have visited and share with friends. see if they get the travel bug too. Click here to view the Scratch Map UK & Ireland in detail.

The Gourmet Scratch Map

Tickle your taste buds on a journey of the senses. Discover new flavours, enjoy good service and dine in style enjoying the best of natures produce. A fantastic gift for people who love people who love food. The Gourmet Map is a stunning artistic design with a retro feel that will look amazing on your wall with silver and black foil on matte black paper.

Creating memories with the Maps inside your mind that will stay in your heart forever …………………….

Introducing The Very Best Gifts For 2017

Since the dawn of time we have travelled the globe for new and exciting experiences. We enjoy dreaming about far away places and then we enjoy preparing for that break from everyday life. It can be a short trip or even a day trip but it is something to look forward to.

Preparing, enjoying and then remembering the travelling is so easy these days with digital cameras and sharing memories on social media but we love a more hands on approach. Taking time to note things down. Keeping journals allows you to look back on those special times through written word as well as photos.

Here at Luckies, we have some special quality gifts that are a real joy to use along the journey, specialising in Scratch Map® posters to inspire and motivate us to do and see more of the world. Unique and attractive journals and even the practical items essential for travel like The Explorer Bottle.

So start preparing your friends for an adventurous 2017 by buying some lovely inspiration travelling companions.

Lost count of how many times you have written something on paper and it has been spoiled by rain or spillage of a drink?

The 100% Waterproof Notebook is a lovely looking gift but is also practical for the traveller in size as well as being sturdy. Made from waterproof stone paper with page saving ribbon makes for the perfect notebook in all weathers.

Looking for a stunning gift full of action and inspiration? Adventure Journal is for you. The perfect gift for creative travellers who like to challenge themselves to new experiences. With real bucket list adventures divided into four categories; nature, activity, culture and cuisine, there will never be a dull moment. It also includes our signature Scratch Map® maps. Eight pages in all for that added activity.

Gifts for the Foodie

Unusual Gift Ideas For The Foodie

Wishing there was a way to find the perfect gift for the Foodie in your life? Unsure exactly what you want or where to find it? Your search is over. We’ve done the hard work for you by compelling a selection of gifts suited to anyone who loves food, or their kitchens. Sit back, relax and Bon Appétit! 

We are an online gift emporium, offering only the most unique, innovative, high-quality design led products which have been sourced or invented to answer all your gift needs. A customer driven approach means that we become a personal shopper, allowing you to select the gift based on your criteria, whether it be occasion or personality. Take the headache out of purchasing the most amazing gifts.

For the foodie, the selection is vast and we are confident you will be delighted and amazed by our range.

With an ethos of fun, functionality and innovation, the foodie range includes many kitchen-must haves. Including the following;

Nessie Soup Ladle: The Loch Ness monster in your kitchen? This ladle is not only a cute design, colourful and fun but it also has legs so when not in use, it stands alone, another example of how our products are both design-led and useful.

Cucumbo: A wonderfully innovative way to slice your cucumber or courgette into a perfect continuous spiral, wonderful for garnishing and will delight at any dinner party.

Gifts For The Foodie

Chain Bottle Holder: Create an optical illusion of your wine hanging in mid air with this brilliant bottle holder. Crafted from chrome chain it’s welded together so it curves upwards to hold the bottle.

The Best Gadget Gifts

Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas

Looking for an innovative gift for the gadget lover in your life? Look no further. We specialise in bringing the most innovative, design conscious, cool and high quality gifts straight to your living room. We have gifts to suit any personality and any occasion but in particular the gadget lover. Any shopper will definitely be spoilt for choice, and below is just a tiny example of these forward thinking gifts that will put a smile on any gadget lovers face.

  • Smartphone Projector 2.0: One of our most popular products, this is the deluxe version of the smartphone projector. Merging technology with vintage style, turn your living room in to a cinema, and watch your favourite films, video clips and music videos by just adding a smartphone and popcorn.

Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

  • Karoto Vegetable Peeler: For the foodie gadget lover, there is a great range of fun but functional gadgets for the kitchen. Karoto is just one such item, a vegetable peeler with a difference. Not only does it peel but it also produces pencil sharpener type shavings which can be used to garnish any dish.
  • Pocket Tin Speaker: Travel with your gadgets? This is a great gift is small enough to fit in your pocket but loud enough to fill a room. Throw it in your suitcase or hand luggage and you’ll have the party started with this portable speaker in no time.

Tech Gifts For Him

  • Undercover Tablet Sleeve: Glued to your tablet? Nervous of taking it around with you in case it gets damaged or stolen? Well this will give any gadget lover peace of mind. The undercover range (also available for laptops and phones), looks like a second hand padded envelope and protects your tablet as well as deterring any thieves.

If you are looking for gadget gifts then we’re the place to go. Your one stop shop which meets all your gadget needs and guarantees to bring you the latest in gift innovation.

Choosing gifts has never been more entertaining. We’ve done all the hard work for you, sourcing and creating innovative, unique and design-led products, meaning that finding the perfect fun gifts has never been easier.We fully believe that the idea of giving a gift is to put a smile on someone’s face, and our fun gift selection will do that and so much more. With many fun and functional presents to pick from, gift giving has never been such an effortless experience. Sit back, relax, and use our one stop shop to buy fun presents for anyone and any occasion.

With a huge selection of Fun Gifts ready to be delivered to your doorstep, all you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy your shopping experience. Below are just a tiny example of what we have to offer.

Eric the Memo Elephant: A fun gift for anyone who needs the memory of an elephant. This is a ceramic, wipe clean elephant. Write shopping lists, reminders, or notes to those you live with. A great fun product which is also terribly useful.

Fun Gifts For Him

Animal Corkers: Brilliant for any dinner party, or family celebration. These little kits transform your corks into cute animals. Buy singularly or multiple for hours of fun after dinner. Just add corks.

Smartphone Projector: Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, so this is a perfect gift for any gadget lover. It’s simple, made of card, and transforms your phone into a home cinema. Watch films, YouTube clips or view your photos on the big screen (a white wall). Just add popcorn.

Fun gift ideas

Fun Gifts for Him

Searching for the perfect fun gift for a man? Whether a partner, friend or family member, finding that unique, fun present isn’t always an easy task. Rather than spending hours scratching your head, let us come to your rescue with their comprehensive selection of fun gifts for the man in your life. Our ethos is to bring the best gifts to you for any personality and any occasion. With that in mind, we’ve composed a comprehensive guide to fun gifts for him, which means you can sit back, relax and know that you will be buying something unique, fun and most of all desirable, which is bound to put a big smile on his face.

Manpoints: A fun game of dares for men. Perfect for a boys night in or to amuse him over a period of time. A gift of laughter that’s guaranteed to make him smile.

Sip Zip Bottle Opener: Make drinking beer even more fun with this oversized zip shaped bottle opener. Useful and cool, this makes a great addition to the kitchen drawer. You can obviously take it with you and it even clips onto a pocket. Drink responsibly, open with fun.

Fun Gifts For Him

Tablet Tuxedo: Who says fun can’t be functional? Most of us have tablets of some description and he will love to dress it in this. The tablet case makes any tablet look dapper and save it from scratches. As cool as James Bond, even.

Fun Gifts for Her

Fun Gifts for Her

Looking to bring a smile to her face? Want to buy a gift that represents fun? Unsure how to go about that? Whether you are buying a fun gift for your loved one, a friend or family member,we’re here to assist you. Acting as your personal shopper by securing and inventing only the most innovative, high-quality, fun and functional gifts, there is something for everyone and for every occasion. And Fun just happens to be our middle name. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or a ‘just because’ gift, our comprehensive selection of fun gifts can be brought straight to your door. Sit back, and enjoy letting us do the hard work for you.

  • Marshmallow Pencil & Eraser: Put the fun into making notes or doodling with this pencil shaped like a stick or twig with a candy pink marshmallow eraser on the end. So cute, so useful, and very amusing.

Stationery For Her

  • Karoto Vegetable Peeler: a giant pencil sharpener that doesn’t need any pencils. For the person who wants to put the fun into their vegetables, this creates shavings from your carrots, parsnips or courgettes. Be as creative as you want, make flowers, pretty up your salads and make your food more exciting.
  • Rainmaker: If she loves her plants this will definitely amuse her. A Peleg designed product, fits easily onto most soft drink bottles and creates a rain type effect giving your precious plants an even drink. Fun and functional, keep your houseplants alive with this.

Fun Gift Ideas For Her

With these witty and entertaining gifts and many more, we’re offering you a solution to any fun gifting dilemmas for the woman in your life.

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

Stationery Christmas Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And also the most taxing when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for everyone. Thankfully we’re here to solve all your festive present dilemmas. Not only do we offer innovative, cool, high quality, design led products,  we have also put a festive gift guide together just for you.

Whether you are looking for stocking fillers, need a secret santa or a gift for a loved one, the answer is here. Play Santa this Christmas choosing from a range of magical Christmas gifts.

A small selection includes;

Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter: A festive gift for the foodie in your life. This is a cute-as-a-button, reindeer shaped cookie cutter that cuts your festive treats and decorates with a star in the middle. This makes a perfect stocking filler or you could bake your gifts using it.

Smartphone Projector 2.o: Watch your favourite Christmas films, clips and videos on your smartphone with this innovative idea that merges technology with vintage style. Simply take it out of the box, add your smartphone and turn your home into a cinema.

Christmas Gifts For Him

Rainbow Sticky Notes: Gift either for a colleague or the organised stationery junkie in your life. Rainbow Sticky Notes will brighten up any dreary office desk and help to keep the lucky recipient organised.

Undercover Phone Sleeve: From the genius Undercover range, this is a phone sleeve that looks like a used envelope, but protects your phone and disguises it at the same time.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Grab yourself a mince pie and glass of mulled wine and enjoy your Christmas shopping, knowing that your gifts will be better than Santa’s this year.

Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gifts For Him

It’s that magical time again. And sometimes a little magic is required when it comes to shopping for the perfect gift for the man in your life. Whether your partner, a friend or a family member, buying the perfect gift for Him has never been easier or more fun.

Founded in 2005, Luckies not only sources the best internationally branded merchandise but also has a design team dedicated to creating original Luckies Branded products. Not only does Luckies offer innovative, cool, high quality, design led products but they have also put together a festive gift guide for the hard to buy man in your life just for you.

Incredible Christmas gifts for him, include;

  • Smartphone Projector: With staying in being the new going out, this is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good movie or two. This portable cinema in a box will entertain that ever so hard to buy for man in your life for hours, making it a truly brilliant gift.

Christmas Gifts For Him

  • Undercover Tablet Sleeve: From the undercover range (also has a laptop and phone sleeve), this tablet sleeve will bring a smile to anyone tablet owner’s face. Looks like a second hand envelope but protects your tablet from damage and due to its undercover nature, thieves, giving the gift of peace of mind for taking your tablet anywhere.
  • Chain Bottle Holder: This is stylish as well as fun and will look great on any dining table. The Chain Bottle Holder gives the illusion that the bottle is floating in the air. It’s crafted from Chrome chain which are welded together so it curves upwards giving the look of the floating bottle. Magic.

Unusual Christmas Gifts For Him

  • Hankie Notebook: Great stocking filler for the stylish man, this is simply a notebook shaped like a hanky. A dapper notebook for the dapper man, it fits into your suit pocket.