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Birthday Presents For Men Who Have Everything

Not all men are good at D I Y and if they haven’t got a cordless drill, they ” know a man that can ”  but must confess I haven’t met a man who wasn’t amazing in the kitchen. If they write with their right hand but bat with their left hand, the drainer could be an issue when washing the pots. But boy can they time things to the millisecond. Have you really observed the multi task tidy precision and all done on the Smartphone these days.

Listen to the football, toss the roast potatoes, watch Top Gear on catch up, rest the meat and see all final scores whilst dishing up a perfect dinner. So these birthday presents for men who have everything,  are for men who do everything, and especially in the kitchen. Well done guys !!
Love sports and a chance to impress his mates round for a beer and ended up staying for breakfast choose these ball moulds

Sports huevos

Once the eggs are boiled, peel off the shell and put into the mould whilst still hot. Once cooled the ball pattern will be on the eggs, in golf, tennis and football style. A fun gift to toss into salads.

Nutwork Nutcracker

Loves his tools but can’t do it, he will feel better with this present. The vice shape nutcracker. The heavy duty G Clamp nutcracker goes straight to the kernel every time for a clean nut with no waste.
O K so let him keep trying with this handy fun present D I Y could get easier and give him confidence.

Finger Saver Nail Holder

Designed by Monkey Business this little man figure to grip made of wood and plastic. Holds the nail in place at the designed gap where the nose would go on his face making it easy to be accurate and to avoid hitting your fingers.

Top 5 Cool Gifts For Men Under £20

Life can be cool when you make time to have fun with these top cool affordable gifts for men all below £20. Sometimes we get pulled from pillow to post because we can’t say them magical empowering words, ” NO “.

Symbolic simplicity is the key to a fantastic cool gift, not the price tag. With these gifts you are not conforming, you are freeing the person up to say ” it started with a gift, but ended up being a planned trip with friends for more fun on a holiday ” . Buying that cool kitchen item, inspired a get together party that led to discussions and planning of a group holiday because you had the cool World glow in the dark globe .

Glow In The Dark Star Globe

Reach for the stars, is an expression that symbolises that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. This self assembly globe in matte black and glow ink is a tactile and attractive 3 D object decorated with constellations in each hemisphere. Have some fun with friends by revealing who likes to travel with zodiac facts contained on the inside of the globe. Expose to sunlight to recharge and glow in the dark when the lights go down.


With makicups you will not be making it up as you go along !. Show off when your friends come around for a come dine with me experience. Don’t panic in the kitchen with these set of three cool looking designer measuring cups. Get organised and have quantity’s of spice ready in these sushi style stack together vessels, in green, white and black. They look cool and so do you as you seamlessly throw together a curry. Meticulously executed.

Hologram Viewer

Send your party invites out in X Men style, the future is ours. Keep your guests entertained whilst you calmly create dinner with your swanky Makicups.
The hologram viewer will provide plenty of creative entertainment for your guests to make 3 D images and see who does the best one. Needs to be at eye level and in a dark room . Features free app which includes 3 videos and a message to the lucky gift receiver with instructions on how to download and play their personalised content.

Harry Hedge Fund

A large ceramic money bank to invest, not in hedge funds, but in yourself. Now that is the coolest thing to do !
After dinner , and inspired by the glow in the dark globe, talks will wonder to ” let’s do this again sometime ” and maybe we could go to India, the stars seem a lot closer there and we could have a more authentic curry ! “. So you all agree that Harry is the best investment around and meet weekly to save for that group friends holiday of a lifetime and stick £20 each in Harry Hedge Fund Bank.

Smartphone Magnifier

A cool gift for the dinner party entertainment, or to take on holiday or to look at the photos when you get back and resume your regular, come dine with me friends experience, having fun and entertaining. The hands free way to watch movies at twice the original size. It’s so cool to be retro with this portable magnifier styled like the first teak surround T . V s  just as it was fashionable in the day to have something unique and different. Comes ready assembled for you to enjoy, just pop your smart phone in and watch. Featured control images below the screen to look like the real thing and comes in a neat quality slide out box in soft dove grey with silver retro sticker style writing .

Cool Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Cool gift ideas to suggest, to simplify and to symbolise thoughtfulness and uniqueness for the man that has everything. Then if he doesn’t need another tie, you could simply set him free by suggesting he experience the World through his own personalised diary of life with these wonderful inspiring to do or not to do just as he pleases cool gifts. He is in the driving seat.

Stamp Map

Allow him to put his own stamp on his personalised journey with the latest original U K designed and made Map of the World. The vintage copper style map is a poster size laminate quality scroll to role out and record or looks handsome hung on the wall. Plan a specific trip using the grid of famous landmarks and stamp where you have travelled with helpful guidance tools including a Europe feature to do section. A lovely wooden and brass stamp and ink pads included. One to mark off where you want to go and another to mark off where you have been. And there lies a cool gift for all the things to come and all the things to remember and that is all that really matters.

My Time Wall Planner

This awesome cool gift is perfect to kick start your day or week when ideas run out or you are too busy to think ” O K so today was a tough day in the office but what shall I do tomorrow ” , with friends or family. Time is precious so get motivated with this wall planner chart featuring a long list of fun stuff to try, like swim in the sea, be careful to do this in summer although that can still be a shock to the system but very exhilarating and exfoliating on the skin. With nine colour coded categories you will never be stuck for choosing a day out or get bored. Also features blank spaces for all the things you did that were not suggested.

Love Note

Message In A Bottle Kit, just like the film, Robin Wright finds a heartfelt message in a bottle washed up on a beach and then ventures on a journey to find the messenger, Kevin Costner. Life can be so predictable to a man that has everything but this gift adds a little excitement and adventure. Presented in a an hour glass twist shape natural box with light blue seal on top, this is a thought provoking and personal gift. Includes 3 message scrolls, a glass bottle and cork stopper and stickers to decorate the bottle.

Cool Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything And Wants For Nothing

It can be difficult to find a cool gift for a man who has everything especially when you go to the large stores now that sell everything, but there is no isle for this category and after the 2 hour trolley dodgems, the best you came up with was a deodorant gift box which isn’t a bad gift per sa but if you want cool ? Forget the stress, and relax because these cool gifts were created with you in mind and will get you thinking outside the box for the perfect gift inside the box that will leave him wanting more or at least wanting something !

Scratch Map Chalk Edition

 The laminated black poster size map of the world with continents and notes margin will give him space to create by adding his wish to visit places and must do list to the map. Wipeable chalk board pen included. The chalk edition works the same as the original scratch maps country’s covered in foil to scratch away your personalised travel revealing features and facts. This one is rather striking with gold foil against the black and becomes more colourful the more you travel and with the added benefit of note making and erasing if plans change.

Tin Pocket Speaker

Box him up the tin pocket speaker for his spontaneous travels. A portable 12 hour playback system that fits in your pocket but gives you boom in the room when you visit places with no tunes. The rechargeable speaker comes with a USB cable and is a silver embossed tin that plugs into your phone so just connect to spotify and enjoy your favourite tunes anytime any place, anywhere. Remove the lid and reveal the mesh black speaker and pump it louder. Black and gold writing sleeve package makes for a perfect cool looking boxed gift.

Brown Paper Bag

 Forget the lunch box and bag up your sandwiches for lunch on the run or day out at the races, with this easy to carry iconic American style insulted lunch bag with double magnetic fastening. A cool lunch bag with a cool image. It’s a man bag that he will enjoy carrying, after all , you packed his favourite picnic .Made from tear proof and water resistant Tyvek so no soggy bottoms !. Just like Mamma used to make.

Travel Gifts Under £10

Travel gifts and gift ideas under £10

It’s coming up to that time of year, Mothers Day, then Fathers Day, and Birthdays in between and the children want to get involved. Luckies understand that pocket money will only go so far and that they want to buy it themselves, feels so much better to give. Here you will find plenty of choice of inventive and desirable products that will bring delight to wrap and to open without costing a packet.

Hologram viewer for smartphoneThey can even afford a Tech gift for the Gadget lover with our Luma Smartphone Light, travel prepared with our cute bird shaped bottle clip hooks, or enjoy entertainment together with the Hologram Viewer.

Cool Travel Gift for him, could be Keypete the magnetic key keeper because he is always loosing it, don’t want a Lampoon disaster on our hands. A cool travel gift for her, could be the Ice Cream Socks, packaged in a decorative card cone of mint choc chip or vanilla and sprinkles design.

The whole family can afford Travel Gifts from Luckies for that special anniversary that will come in handy later when you go on your holidays

What To Buy A Man Who Has Everything For His Birthday

Show you care about that important man in your life who puts you first throughout the year and silently carries the World upon his shoulders. The only reason he has everything is because you already bought it for him. It is time to celebrate his birthday with something that encourages him to have ME time and do the things he has always dream’t of. An everything and anything you want kind of present, whenever you need a break the Scratch Map will inspire you to plan and record your own personalised journey experience.

Introducing the Europe Scratch Map

From the original World scratch map to a vast range of superb looking poster size maps of country’s or themes like cuisine around the world. The Europe Scratch Map has a lovely light blue back ground with grey foil which turns dark blue after scratching off each journey and a useful grid on the side to record any special landmarks. It will look great on your wall to remember that special birthday and show you care that the birthday boy may have everything but he hasn’t done everything yet.

Europe has so much to offer and is so easy to travel to by air or road trip by car or motor bike enjoying the open freeway style highways of Germany and visit the nine bordering country’s to sample the culture, the wildlife, scenery and cuisine with the freedom to map out your own interesting travel route. He could base his travels around his hobbies and go to the best golf courses, or the best football stadiums, or the best fishing lakes and rivers. Working his way around Europe piece by piece. What an exciting gift to buy the Man that has everything.