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Gadgets for Him

It could be true that you won’t get far without a mobile phone or map app these days. Technology is certainly expanding fast, and here at Luckies we are keeping up with the programme, with a brand new range of retro tech gadgets for hands on fun but are in fact hands free, in fact we might be one step ahead with the Hologram Viewer! It would be great to be able to afford a robot to do everything for you, but we know doing things ourselves and being creative is far more fulfilling.

Gadgets for him

Cool travel gadgets for menRack up real life experience with the Original Scratch Maps by Luckies, a great gadget gift idea even for him who has everything, will discover things not only about the world but about his own world. We invite you to look at our vast range of travel gadgets such as the personalised travel map and travel journals.


Even our conventional gadgets do more than what they say on the tin, yes we do have a tin which is actually a portable speaker and not just any bottle opener, this one by Monkey Business, is a sip zip bottle opener, a camera that’s really a night light, or to the complete unconventional, the floating wine bottle holder for a spot of magic.

You can trust Luckies to put the Fun into Functionality and provide hundreds of gadget gift ideas, for travel, home, and office, for birthday and Christmas gift ideas for him. Remember you saw it here first !

Best Gadgets Under £10

You do not have to spend a fortune to have fun, and to afford a gadget gift. At Luckies we understand that people of all ages want to get involved in gift buying for the family on birthdays and at Christmas, and for those party invites that seem to be running at one a week from school friends ! So we decided to design and produce cool gadgets for under £10 that not only look good but serve a purpose. Take a closer look to see you can even afford a tech gadget gift and have change for a tenner.

Lights out for the hologram viewer for the gadget of the future creating 3 D images and lights on with the Luma Smartphone portable light to read your book in the tent or the undercover phone sleeves to protect and disguise in original design of your choice.

We have a whole range of design studio products from Ototo making everyday objects into fun and still functional gadgets, Key Pete is a little buddy with magnet hands, so you never loose your keys, the flower power steam release looks cute and you get to rest your lid on it. Also creative and colourful cool gadgets by Monkey Business will make light work for you in any kitchen, try the cucumber slicer also great to make healthy spirals of courgette, to the funky pencil styled icing tool, and many more.

Here at Luckies we don’t scrimp on the packaging because you saved on your gift. We are proud of our inventive gifts and presentation is everything for us so it complements and matches the gift. We have it all going on, outside the box, as well as inside. Will knock your socks off. Oh yes we have some very nice Ice cream socks in a very nice ice cream cone package. How cute, How Much ? Under £6. WOW.

Top 10 Cool Tech Gadgets for Men

Based on inventiveness, popular activity, usability, and be desirable, as a gift, look cool, and serve a purpose in as many situations as possible. A unique original design that says “I must have one of those” even if he is a man who has everything

1. The Pocket Tin Speaker

Music makes people happier. The radio is a lifestyle support system that helps us through our daily lives, it is soothing reassuring and motivating. A party without music would be very odd. The reason this is a top cool tech gadget is because it is a compact, sturdy speaker in a pocket sized good looking silver tin. 12 hours playback with a rechargeable USB cable and is portable and light but plays heavy tunes when you like, where you like.

2. Smartphone Speaker

Recent studies show that happiness and energy levels rise by 100% to 300 % when listening to music. Even surgeons listen to music to help them relax so having the cool retro looking smartphone speaker is a beat in a box that will blow the blues away on the beach, by the pool, camping and festivals with 40 hours play back, you can go all night, but you may need a nap the following afternoon !

3. Magni Viewer

Watching movies would be the next best thing to listening to music, but no tear jerk films if you want to keep your energy levels up. Greece is a feel good film, of course it is a musical ! This portable magnifier will double the size of movie screen from your phone. Enjoy movies as you travel or if you are stuck for a spot of entertainment in a field with no socket.

4. Smartphone Projector

Have some fun twinned with a blast from the past with this cardboard constructed projector that has a real lens and looks like the real deal, a retro projector from a time of slide shows and audiences. Pop your phone inside the opening at the back and adjust the focus of the lens at the front. Turn down the lights and watch all the fun you had on your holidays from your phone. A night in with pop corn or a laugh with mates on a dark night out in the wilderness. Hours of fun, nostalgia and gadget entertainment

5. Smartphone Magnifier

Looks like the old teak T V set, this retro cool tech gadget will entertain friends or relax you in the bath for a sneaky bit of “ME” time. A mobile T V that will take movies off your phone and project them onto an 8 in screen. No wires , no mess, but yes to I will have fun when I like and where I like. Looking cool with a unique gadget with a tech twist and a smart look. To view Smartphone Magnifier in more detail click here.

6. Camera Light

Don’t you just love to see something that looks like something but is in fact something else and does something else. Are you lost yet? Well you won’t be if you get one of these lovely looking tech gadgets, cool on the inside and cool on those great outdoor adventures. The retro camera styled portable light is turned off and on with the shutter for an instant guide in the dark. Don’t get lost, get this catchy clever cool snappy tech gadget. Light up your set with a camera light !

7. Milk Light

Don’t put it on your doorstep. Collections stopped long since, on the milk cart leaving notes for your daily delivery of dairy. The milk light is a rechargeable ambient light for a soothing night sleep after a hot milky drink. A cool looking gift at a dinner party, a soft relax in the bath, or a nightlight when you don’t want to startle other sleepers.Comes with a USB cable and lasts up to 6 hours.

8. Adventure Wristband

The slap on wristband packed with 8 GB for portable information of 1000 photos. A techno gadget on the wrist to plug in wherever you dock designed in a rugged brown leather band with built in technology, on person so will not get lost out of the pockets, and water resistant for the great outdoors. Stay in touch, save and use on the move, the cool tech gadget with a big memory.

9. Luma light

Could be the smallest, cutest, coolest, smartest tech gadget on the planet. A light that is styled as a miniature table lamp, that plugs into the smart phone, that takes up no room, but lights up the whole room. That is a good deal. AND with a choice of a red or grey clip to hold in place makes this little lovely a top affordable gadget for everyone, a must have for travel or home. Click here to view the Luma Light in detail.

10. Hologram viewer

A technical gadget that allows you to create and view and send 3D images like those of science fiction film, a personalised gift allowing you to create messages and images to enjoy and share. An out of this world tech gadget with artistic fun and entertainment. A mysterious message sent by text message for the receiver of this gift to guide them through download and how to use personalised content. Beam me up and blow me away with this cool tech gadget for hours of spaced out fun . Click here to view the Hologram Viewer in detail.

Best Gadgets For Men 2017

Best gadgets for men

For the best Gadgets, tech Gadgets, travel Gadgets and useful Gadgets, don’t get giddy with stress, ” has he got one ” or “where can I find a unique and personal gift he will use and enjoy” Relax because these latest Gadgets for Men 2017 will of answered your questions.

The Adventure Wristband

The Adventure Wristband is a cool tech gadget in the latest trend design, slap on wristband and USB with 8 GB. You don’t need to loose your memory stick out the side of your pockets, wear this rugged brown wristband suitable for outdoor adventures in all weathers but stylish enough to wear to the office. Holds up to 1000 photos and is presented in a round tin with logo in green and gold trim.

Magni- Viewer

The Best gadgets for menFor them boring journeys, the well travelled Gadget lover, can watch movies on the go at twice the original size from his phone. Take the strain off your eyes, and enjoy content on a bigger screen. Sharing pictures with friends and now you don’t get your personal space invaded, and very nice for a bit of peace and quiet in the bath, for a spot of sneaky football highlights. Presented in black with a silver trim central badge logo exposed through the silver box for a good looking gift. One of a brand new range of tech gadgets to use with a Smartphone. Click here to view Magin-Viewer in detail.

The Barbecue Stamp

He is a dab hand in the kitchen and he insists on being in control of the BBQ, that way someone else pours the drinks, including his ! A fun gadget for him to perfect his steaks, just how you like them, serving them to you Black & Blue, Nearly Burn’t or just A little bit of Blood. Let him put his stamp on your steak and show you how it’s done with this beautifully designed steak stamp, branding iron made with a hardwood handle with leather hanging strap. Quality boxed Gadget in matte black and gold finish.

Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

Here’s some super cool gift ideas for Fathers Day for the man that likes to get involved. Family time is important and children really do love buying gifts. Just make sure it isn’t really a gift for them, though don’t suppose he would mind, he is that type of guy !

Scratch Map Travel

Is your Dad an adventurous type? always searching for scrap to build things, and has he owned a metal detector hunting for hidden treasure, he disappears along the beach or across fields in a world of his own. Perhaps he built tree houses for you as kids. Then you have an explorer or pirate on your hands and the best gift idea would be the Scratch Map Travel, a cute mini version of the original map of the world. He will be delighted to receive the authentic looking scroll to captivate his childhood dreams, exploring the world looking for hidden treasure. The grid map will allow him to plan out and pen in his intended route to a country and then scratch off the foil to reveal his personalised travel recorded in colour to keep track of where he has been. He will be impressed with the quality laminate map that can be transported in the strong nautical theme tube to fit in his rucksack and roll out whenever he needs it. He feels like a real adventurer now.

Yolkfish Separater

He is an easy going Father who likes to experiment in the kitchen with the children but can get in a grump if he hasn’t got the right gadget for the job.You wouldn’t be able to cut bread with a blunt knife and to do the job properly we need the tools. All kids love making and eating meringues having fun with peak shapes and baskets. The skill is to separate the yolks to have a perfect white sheen so make your father happy in the kitchen and enjoy some sweet treats with the silicone fish shaped yolk separater. A fun gift idea for Dads to show off in the kitchen. Just squeeze it’s belly and gently pop it’s mouth over the yolk of the cracked open egg and let go of the belly to suck the yolk in through the mouth then release.

Matchstick Pencils

Great gift ideas for fathers day on a budget. These are just the job for a Dad that is a D I Y fanatic, stick round your ear and easy to find with the tip bright red eraser on the end, disguised oversized matchsticks for fun pencils that make a job easy when you know where you put that pencil. The retro styled box carries a set of 10 pencils, and don’t worry if you make a mistake on that crossword, now where did I put that eraser ? whoops stop looking it’s here, right on the end of my pencil. The cute little pencils are great to pack and take away as you never know when you need to make notes and they won’t get lost in a draw or pencil case because they have their very own box. Keep up the good work Dad and thanks for putting that shelf up !

5 Travel Gadgets For Fathers Day

A special day is approaching for children everywhere of all ages to celebrate their fathers to say thank you for providing and protecting, working all hours, helping in the kitchen, sorting out the car, or playing games with the little ones. They love choosing gifts so trust them to know which gadget will suit him best for Fathers Day.

Bucket ( & spade ) List

Some Fathers never grow up and that is a good thing. It means even when we as children have grown up, life can still be fun. We all know them fun loving fathers who do pretend comedy trips, and pop their head around the door wearing a pair of funny eye or slinky glasses always surprising us and making us laugh. If you have little ones and their father doesn’t mind making a mess in a food fight or bouncing on a trampoline then this is an affordable travel gadget to say thank you Dad for all the fun we share, and ” can I have some more please ” Enjoy the rest of the year doing cool stuff together with this inventive laminate wall chart with over 100 must do experiences for young minds. The beach scene poster with a list on the bright red bucket, with beach background scene is a record and reminder of all the fun things you have done. Just scratch off the gold foil squares once you have done it to reveal a tick. Well done guys.

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

To the Father that is always saving and planning family holidays. If we remember it all started with the bucket & spade beach breaks, and as we got older we ventured further into Europe, camping in the South of France, and then when we were deemed manageable we got to go to real special places like theme parks in Florida, or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for some fun and education although have it our way and it is water parks all the way, except not that far away in the Canaries. But Dad didn’t mind. He will be blown away with this super gadget travel map of the world poster size with a premium finish. Full of education in geography and facts about summits and oceans to share with his family. Attractive matte black gift scroll tube with copper outlines of the globe to match the map which has copper foil covering the worlds countries.He may decide to keep it in the very nice tube and get it out for the great family gatherings or he may decide it looks amazing on the wall, lets not forget. Scratch off where you have been and reveal a colourful record of happy family times, leaving just enough of the world left to see for retirement where he will happily go where there are no water parks. Gifts for life to say thank you for being my father and may we share many more happy times visiting amazing places

The Explorer Bottle

For the father that loves the great outdoors whatever the weather he will set out on an adventure through woodlands, and valleys and coastal paths. You will always find him gathering up the wood for the camp fire and making sure all needs are taken care of. He is up for a challenge and will be very pleased to receive this robust explorer bottle gadget. A reusable stainless steel water bottle with an anodised black finish that doesn’t discolour like the plastic ones. A 500 ml capacity and a carry loop to attach conveniently to drink on the move and keep him hydrated and cool. The embossed bamboo screw lid gives it a quality old school look that a professional trekker would certainly be seen with.

Camera Light

For the father that is into his photography, he likes camping and loves wildlife. He also needs a sense of humour, Whoops Dad sorry, it’s not an old retro camera from the antique shop, it is actually a portable, battery operated night light that looks really cool. Take it with you anywhere to see what you are doing on the night shoots without alarming the whole farming community with spotlights, great for camping when nature calls and a real quirky gadget gift intended to get us thinking outside the box. Happy Fathers day, thank you for the love, now here is your light !

Undercover Phone Sleeve

You cannot be too careful these days when travelling to unfamiliar places and so annoying when travelling, sitting down for long periods, you don;t realise you lost half the contents of your pockets before you got to the hotel. You need your phone to keep in touch with family and how many times do you crack the screen dropping it on the floor. A fathers Day gift to say you care and stay safe. Protect his phone with this brilliant secret phone sleeve travel gadget that is disguised as an envelope with address label and stamp marks. Keep it safe with other travel documents in this easy to carry soft red lined phone sleeve.

4 Must Have Travel Gadgets

When you hear those magical words ” Passports Please ”   you know you are on your way to your much earned and awaited trip, break or holiday. It doesn’t hurt to remember your P’s and Q’s so here we have 4 P’s in the form of Must Have Travel Gadgets that will save you from the Queues on your must relax with no stress holiday.

Give me a P for Planning and you can forget post its all over the fridge with this little gem. Introducing your personal planner and travel log.


has already got a checklist, budget page and diary space. Especially designed for travel, making it easy so you don’t forget. Planning and recording your travels is a joy with this must have travel gadget made from strong natural card with a folder to store the inclusive 8 mini scratch maps of the world and other travel documents you may wish to keep safe. If you like colour then this Travelogue comes in royal blue or maroon red.
Give me a P for Packing and you can forget waiting around at the arrivals trying to spot your case, they all look the same unless you get the Happy Flight tags designed by Alfie. Colour coded tags and passport covers.

Round Luggage Tags

The round or square luggage tags in choice of 6 striking colours will be instantly recognisable with information window for extra reassurance. The enamel p v c finish will never fade or get damaged when wet so your luggage will always shine like a beacon in the crowds.
Give me a P for passing the time on those long journeys. forget about work or home work it’s all about your holiday, so colour and discover with this great travel gadget


Discover the World in maps and flags, learning whilst you travel to your dream destinations. Hours of pleasure colouring in the pages of maps and scratching off  the copper foil like the original maps to record your journal and reveal information.
Give me a P for post travel and invite friends round for an evening of reminiscing and sharing great travel experience with the super range of travel Gadgets introducing……

The Smartphone Projector

Is part of a range of fun retro boxed and portable gadgets to watch videos with friends at 8 x the phone size you can have a laugh about all the fun things you got up to on your travels just like the old days when photos were on slides and you invited family round for the big viewing on the wall. Easy to assemble instructions and place your phone inside the back, turn the lights out and adjust focus. And a good time was had by all. Thank you, or is it Please !

3 Cool Travel Gadgets For Men

For men who like to travel and look cool with gadgets that make a difference to their journey with these 3 thoughtful and useful gadget gifts. Ideal Travel Gadgets that make great unique gifts for Birthdays and Fathers Day. For the men that love camping Bear Grylis style and you want to make sure he has the Travel gadget for the job, or for the Biker who wants to pop in and out of countries on those long open highways, or the Business Man who travels a lot and needs help to occupy his time on those long haul flights.

Milk Light

Your Camping and Festival Men will be pleased if you pack him this pint of milk.You will be giving him vitamin D and eyes in the dark rather than calcium. No electricity needed with this cool portable travel light. Looks like the old pint milk bottle of yesteryear but is a rechargeable night light lasting up to 6 hours. Light to pack and carry this LED light gives off an ambient white glow from it’s outer glass and translucent inner ensuring a relaxing atmosphere and good nights sleep with no need to feel your way around in the wilderness.

Stamp Map Passport

Travel Gadgets don’t get much better than this personalised stamp map and passport for the cool guy hitting the open road and turning up anywhere he pleases for great adventures with this guide and record gift by his side. Comes in a beautifully presented gift box with 2 quality wood and brass stamps to plan and record travels. The Maps have been created in the style of a passport to hold personal information and packs easy into a pocket making it easy to use when on the move.

Lightmark Bookmark

Anyone on long haul travel will know the annoyance of overhead spotlights disturbing the neighbours and blinding tired eyes. No need to crease the corners down on your book or loose the page with this clip light page saver. Use the Lightmark Bookmark cool travel gadget to do a spot of swatting on your travel scratch map even when the hostess has turned the lights down, yours will still be shining to make them last minute plans to your travel schedule.

3 Top Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

If you are a girl and have 3 brothers then you will have grown up with 3 unique men but with all of them having a similar sense of humour and values. When you ask Dad “why must I go to the local Baseball ground every Saturday to watch football from the stands in freezing cold weather and fishing on the River Trent or local lakes on a Sunday, attaching maggots to a hook? the answer is this : ” Well daughter, you came rather quickly in fact the doctor did not arrive in time, and I had to deliver you myself, and I got rather confused with the umbilical cord and thought you were a boy”.

That thinking has never gone away, 3 to 1 always wins. But the good news is gift hunting is easy. Here are 3 Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Men that could be brothers or confused fathers. Let us base them on the 3 brothers who are, 1. likes nice things, deep thinker, 2. sporty and social, 3. likes own space and leisure

The Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

Well number 1 brother is Aquarian so of course he likes nice things and technology, and thinks too much so he will be impressed with the unique lasso wine bottle holder. Natural products appeal like glass and metals, recycle or unusual, like this rope that is moulded around metal to look like a lasso, in perfect balance to support a wine bottle that looks like it is floating.

BBQ Stamp

Number 2 brother is born in Cancer and the shell is not for shy but protection of himself and family. When he comes out of the shell, he is sociable and likes nothing more than to look after his guests with a BBQ and add his own stamp. This would be the perfect gift for him to say I have cooked the steak just as you like it ” black or blue”. Warm this iron stamp on the coals and show your friends you made the effort.

Personalised Scratch Map

Number 3 is tricky, as you will see. The first 2 represent animal and human, breathing objects. No 3 is born Libra, a set of scales. Could go one way or the other. But they are always grateful and the justice of the scales will mean if thoughtful all will balance. So I would avoid practical and head for a scratch map which helps with the time he likes to spend in thought. A bit of ME time to plan his travels. No need to write down, they remember things. He will love the Scratch Map poster with foil cover to reveal his personalised travel. He loves a goal and something to look forward to and experience. The World Scratch Map will keep a positive outlook and balance the thought of all work , no pleasure. The Scratch Map Stamp will give him control and confidence, but there are plenty of unique and original scratch maps to choose from to suit all personalities .

Live life to the full whatever your birthday.

Birthday Gifts for Men Who are Hard to Buy for

It is a human condition to think that all people think the same as we do . But on reading, ” Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus”, then an understanding emerges that not only do men and women think differently but each one of us is unique and assumption is responsible for a whole lot of misfortune. So yes it is hard but let us not try to change the differences, let us embrace them with these original birthday gift ideas for Men who are hard

Stamp Map

The Birthday Boy is hard to buy for because he appears to have everything and is well travelled so the scratch map seems a little like the horse has bolted. But wait a minute, the Stamp Map will record his personalised travel in this luxury craft and copper board in poster size to impress visitors. Mount it and frame it and be proud you made it hard to please, but boy was it worth it ! Comes with two brass stamps with black and red ink pads to mark where you have visited and a space to write and record places.

Adventure Journal

The Birthday Boy is hard to buy for because he is quiet. He does things and no one notices. But he doesn’t like the limelight. So this adventure journal will be his personalised companion that will not show him up or let him down. Presented in a matte black folder this classy journal will inspire him to try new things with over 300 bucket list ideas and then record his own experience without the fuss. A personal gift for the hard to crack but this one is private self indulgence with 8 mini scratch maps and room to keep travel documents safe.

You Complete Me Birthday

We have all been there or know people who think ” oh he’s so difficult, I won’t bother ” . But really we love giving more than receiving so if you love him, stop buying him stuff he’s already got and go for a statement to show you care anyway. This wooden jigsaw birthday cake and candle shaped sculpture comes in a gold or silver soft touch presentation box. It will not be that hard for him to build the 3 D sculpture and it will not be hard for him to realise that someone has made the effort. A great memorable piece making a change from conventional card for the man that’s hard. Write a special message on the reverse.