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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Luckies.Co.Uk
Luckies Affiliate Programme Restrictions:


1) Commission Rates: Affiliates can earn up to 8% CPA for all valid transactions. Approved Voucher sites will earn up to 5% CPA for all valid transactions. Commission is paid out inclusive of discount, and exclusive of shipping and VAT. We shall have the sole right and responsibility for processing all orders made by Customers. You acknowledge that all agreements relating to sales to Customers shall be between Us and the Customer. We reserve the right to decline any commission. Reasons for declined commissions will be provided by Us to You. Commissions will not be awarded to you if you are offering cashback or loyalty points to a Customer who has also used a student voucher or promotion code.

2) Keyword bidding and use policy: Search arbitrage is prohibited. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, You will not purchase or bid for placement of Luckies, Luckies LTD or Luckies Of London, any variation thereof (including, but not limited to, abbreviations, misspellings, stringing of the name Luckies or Luckies of London), and any other trademarks of Ours within any third party search engine or shopping portal including, but not limited to, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Google, and Ask. Additionally, You will not pay third parties for placement in search engines or shopping portals on the basis of your use of our name. You agree not to engage in any paid advertising that utilizes any keyword or search term that contains a trademark, service mark or brand name of any of our suppliers or of our competitors for the purpose of directing visitors to the Luckies site(s) without our prior written consent.

3) Cybersquatting Policy: You will not employ any so-called fat finger domains or typosquatters redirecting web traffic directly or indirectly to your Site, a fat-finger or typosquatter domain is any domain that amounts to a misspelling of any registered or unregistered Luckies trademark, examples of which include:, and so forth. You will not place the word Luckies or any variation or close spelling of the word, in Your Site URL to the left of Your top-level domain name or sub-domain such as, for example only: You will not represent Your Site as Our official site or make similar representations. You will not frame Your Site so as to appear as if visitors are both on Your Site and Our site or in any way that is confusingly similar to our site, as determined in our sole discretion.

4) Email: You may not do any of the following unless you first obtain in advance our express written permission, which may be withheld in our absolute discretion: (i) generate or send any email messages or other electronic messages (including text or SMS messages) using or containing, trademarks of ours or any variation thereof, Product descriptions, or any of the Required URLs or Content; (ii) send any email or other electronic message that in any way suggests or implies or misleads or is likely to mislead (including without limitation, via the return address, subject heading, header information or message contents) a recipient into believing that Luckies Ltd or any related entity was the sender or sponsor of such email or procured or induced You to send such email; (iii) forward, redistribute, or otherwise repurpose any email communications or newsletters or other electronic messages that sends to its affiliates and/or customers; or (iv) generate or send any unsolicited email (spam) under this Agreement. Requests to do any of the foregoing must be made in writing and sent to us. These prohibitions are in addition to, and not in place of, all prohibitions and restrictions that apply elsewhere in this agreement, and under any agreement between You and our Affiliate Network, as well as all prohibitions and requirements under all applicable laws and regulations.

5) Promotion Codes: You may not utilize any voucher or promotion code on your site that has not been provided to you through our Affiliate Network. All Luckies promotional activity should not be advertised anywhere prior to the start date of activity, unless outlined directly by Luckies or our Affiliate Network. Doing so could result in termination from the programme.

6) Brand Exclusions: Affiliates may not promote the following brands on behalf of Please note this list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change:


7) Confirmation of restricted affiliate channels.

>No Pop Ups / Pop Unders
>No Blind Networks

Cashback, Voucher Sites and Price Comparison Affiliates will be approved on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with our Account Manager if you have any questions on this.

8) Missing Transaction Queries: Any missing transaction enquires, need to be raised within a two month period of when the sale occurred. Any missing transaction enquiries raised after the 2 month period will deem as unpayable to the publisher.

9) Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason, provided that they provide at least seven day’s prior written notice of such termination to the other party. Termination of this Agreement shall also terminate any outstanding Engagements. However, all rights to payment, causes of action and any provisions which by their terms are intended to survive termination, shall survive termination of this Agreement.