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A Luckies Guide to Planting Subliminal Gift Ideas into the Mind of your Boyfriend or Girlfriend…

We won’t mention names but last Christmas, a Luckies employee was given a diamanté encrusted watch with a luminous pink snake skin strap by their (no so) better half. They’re no longer together. Whilst you don’t want to take the fun out of choosing great gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend by telling your other half exactly what to get you, sometimes it’s good to offer a helping hand via the form of subliminal messages/massive hinting. Getting the balance right between thoughtful and meaningful gifts vs. funny and ‘don’t we have a laugh?’ gifts is a fine art that sometimes ends in divorce. That being said, take a look at our guide to planting three subliminal gift ideas into the mind of your loved one…

1. Gift idea:

Brown Paper Bag by Luckies

Suitable for:

  • You’re boyfriend/girlfriend/any one who hates tupperware

How to get it:

  • Complain to your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/cat/any one who’ll listen that your tupperware keeps leaking in your bag and that someone threatened to give you a wedgie at work/school because their lunch box was cooler than yours. Next, start publicly (and loudly) praising iconic American traditions, such as taking your lunch to work in a brown paper bag. Made from Tyvek, Brown Paper Bag keeps food and drinks hot or cold, is tear-proof, leak resistant and unlike the paper ones, won’t split in the rain! Planting gift ideas doesn’t get more subliminal than that.

2. Gift idea:

Gourmet Scratch Map by Luckies

Suitable for:

  • Any foodie

How to get it:

  • If you’re a foodie, hinting gift ideas can be pretty fun. Eat. Eat. And eat some more. You could also start watching programmes on BBC 1 like ‘A Taste of Europe’ and say things like ‘wouldn’t it be great if you had a bucket list of foods to try from all over Europe that you could tick (scratch) off…?’ Hmmmmm.

3. Gift idea:

You Complete Me by Luckies

Suitable for:

  • Romantic souls

How to get it:

  • No one wants to have to hint at romantic gift ideas but unless you want a Nandos loyalty card for Christmas, sometimes it has to be done. You Complete Me is made from beautiful heat stamped wood, packaged loose in a soft touch box. As the giver, you build the jigsaw, turn it over and write a special message on the rear. Once the message is penned, the jigsaw is broken up and returned to it’s box to be presented to the lucky recipient. How to get it? Borrow the givers laptop and leave You Complete Me open on their browser. Easy.