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7 far out Father’s Day gifts that cost very little, but will mean a lot.

The male of the species can be tricky to buy for at the best of times, but getting the ‘Dad Gift’ right is the holy grail of gift giving. It just ain’t easy. Sure, you can go down the bottle of whiskey route, but that stuff’s expensive and about as original as the least original thing you can think of. Ditto bottles of beer. Ditto chocolate. Ditto power tools. Ditto socks. No, if you really want to be their favourite kid this year, you’re gonna need to think a bit more laterally. Here’s our two cents worth.

Fathers Day Voucher

A ‘quality time’ voucher

Think about something you can enjoy together. Something your old man will genuinely enjoy, but you can get something from too. And something you wouldn’t ordinarily do together. Maybe that’s a walk and a picnic, a ride out, a kickaround, a drinking session, cooking together, a game of golf, enjoying his hobby together or time in the garden. Think about how to package it up into a bit of an event (“I’ll pick you up at 9:00am and we’ll be back home for 5:30”) and create a ‘voucher’ to give him. You can physically make that yourself if you’re a bit crafty or creative, or use a free design app like Canva for a slicker look and feel.

Make him something delicious

Does dad have a sweet tooth? Then that’s easy – bake his favourite cake or sweet treat. Check BBC Good Food for inspiration. Then think about how to present it nicely. Shewhobakes has some really good tips and guidance.

Father's Day cake

Brew him a custom beer

This isn’t an overnight job. It’ll take some planning, but how cool would it be to give Dad a few bottles of his very own craft beer, bottled, labelled and named after him. It can be done, but you’ll need to plan well ahead. Search ‘Home Brew Kit’ and you’ll find plenty of info and options. It’s going to cost to get set up, but then you’ll have everything you need to brew your own beer for as long as you want to, not just for Fathers Day. In fact you can gift him beer for every birthday, Christmas and Fathers Day if you like. And if you happen to already be a home brewer, his Fathers Day batch is going to cost you next to nothing.

Frame a photo for his desk/workshop/studio/manshed/workplace
It’s an oldie but a goldie, just like Dad! Put some real thought into the photo you choose (based not only on its actual content but also its resolution if it’s a digital image). Printing a low res image at a decent size and ending up with a blurred, pixelated photo is a bad look. Make sure you print it onto good quality photo paper and then either repurpose a frame you already have (or is sat around in the loft) or hit up the internet for one. Vintage / upcycled frames can look really cool, but is that’s Dad’s vibe, or would he prefer to keep it clean and simple with a modern looking frame? You know best.

The easy option! A super stylish beer or auto themed gift from Luckies
Not your usual trashy man-gift landfill. Cool, creative and useful products in award winning packaging at really accessible prices. You can take a look here and here.

A subscription to something cool

This is a bit of a cheat for this article, because although there are of course many subscription options, they’re mostly going to cost you something. That said, it is possible to obtain free subscriptions to well known magazines and this article shows you how. If you are happy to shell out some cash, there is a whole world of magazine subscriptions out there. In addition, charitable subscriptions, where you support a charity and in return get a monthly or quarterly update, are popular and good for the world. And finally, subscription boxes of all types are now a huge business. There are some pretty cool Dad-centric ones like Beerhawk and Bespoke Post.

A ‘day off dad duties’ voucher

Does what it says on the tin! Create your own voucher using your best crafting skills, or use an app like Canva to help you out. Entitles the bearer to a day of lounging around and doing what the heck they like with no fear of being asked to do the washing up, clean up after the kids, make the beds, do the vacuuming or anything else that real life sadly demands. Basically, it’s golden ticket. A portal to being king for the day.

You may find that one of these 7 suggestions hits the spot, or perhaps they’ll serve as inspiration and you’ll head off in your own direction. Either way, gifting Dad something fun, thoughtful and low cost is totally doable. Good luck!