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5 unforgettable gifts for work friends

Here’s 5 unforgettable leaving gifts, perfect for friends and work colleagues. When a friend is leaving for pastures new and you start the collection for their goodbye gift / new job gift / retirement gift, it is always a little sad. Sure you wish them well and good luck in their new adventure, but there’s always a tiny part of you that wants to throw yourself on the floor, wrap yourself around their legs and scream ‘don’t leave me!’

One thing that can ease the parting is giving them a truly unforgettable leaving gift that melts their heart and moves them to tears. Here are 5 unforgettable leaving gifts so they can’t forget you even if they wanted to.

A leaving present which is completely unique to them as you can fill it with personal memories you’ve shared. Photos of night’s out, private jokes and doodles, messages from everyone in the team, a mascot or two for them to remember you by. You can get the whole office to contribute to this one.

This is the perfect travelling gift for a friend who is leaving to go travelling. The Adventure Journal comes with 8 Scratch Map pages and over 300 unusual bucket list ideas. Perfect inspiration for their brand new adventure.

Our portable cinema is a wonderful present for film lovers. This one has an added bonus; it can be personalised! So you can write your colleague a fun message, sketch, doodle, anything you like! Pass it around the office and get everyone to sign it – much more fun than a leaving card.

If you’re on the hunt for retirement gifts then baking springs to mind. Your friend will no doubt be looking for something to fill all that extra time with, lucky things! How about politely suggesting they start a home bakery and use this gift to stamp all their treats ‘baked with love’? And then let you eat them all.

Still looking for a leaving gift for him or a leaving gift for her? How about a Hologram of yourself so that they can see you any time they like! Use the Hologram Viewer to create and view your own personalised message. Now that’s one futuristic leaving gift.