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5 Cool gadgets for geeks

Give the proud geek in your life a gift they’ll love with our 5 cool gadgets for geeks. Geeking out on the latest innovative technology is the new cool. That’s why we’ve gathered together this list of exciting new gadgets and gift ideas that even Q himself would be proud to own. And he’s the coolest Geek there is.

1. Hologram Viewer
There are cool gadgets and then there are the coolest gadgets you’ve ever seen. This is the latter. What true geekazoid at heart has not wished they had the power to create and view their own Holograms?! Well, now that power can be yours, or whoever you wish to give the power to as a gift. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for the man who has everything. Or a secret Santa gift for the office.

2. Milk Light
Speaking of unusual gifts for men, our Milk Light is the perfect gift for the man whose home is more geek chic than man cave. This ambient rechargeable light is environmentally friendly and has a cool retro design, made to look like an old fashioned milk bottle. They can pop it in their kitchen for some ambient lighting for when their friends come round for some

3. The Envelope
A Geek’s most powerful weapon is his laptop and what better way to keep it safe than our tech sleeve designed to look like a manilla envelope. Made from a strong tear proof and writeable material, this stylish laptop protector would make a stylish gift.

4. Camera Light
A gift for the photography geek in your life. Whether an amateur or a pro, if they’re often found holed up in a dark room or gazing over books of black and white pictures, this bedside light in the shape of a retro camp would make a lovely present.

5. Smartphone Magnifier
If you’re still stuck for cool gift ideas, our Smartphone Magnifier is the ultimate geek gift. It magnifies your screen size to twice it’s original size allowing you to view and share content easily and comfortably wherever you are. So you can watch TV in the bath, share videos in the break room or catch up on the week’s TV on your bus ride home.