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5 Awesome Travel Gifts the Intrepid Traveller Doesn’t Know About

Armed with all the cool travel gifts you received last week, you land at the airport, inter-connecting flights done, no problem. Your passport is in your back pocket and you breeze through customs to wait for your vacation to begin.

You booked the holiday’s months ago and but now you’ve been waiting as long for your luggage to appear. So have the good looking kids on the other side of the carousel, who are ignoring you. You wish you could start writing all this down, but you have nothing to write on. You’re hungry, but you are not sure where you should be eating and you didn’t bring any of the right currency anyway and you’ve no idea what timezone you’re in. Nightmare!

You’re friends and family have let you down. If they had armed you with these 5 Awesome Travel Gifts the Intrepid Traveller Doesn’t Know About, you’d be sorted.

• The Pocket Tin Speaker is a portable party. Pull it out at the airport, impress the cool kids and buddy up on the road trip of a lifetime.

– small
– portable
– better than your smartphone!

• These Stylish Luggage labels wouldn’t have left your suitcases in the wrong time zone, in the wrong airport, on someone else’s holiday.

– they go on your luggage
– they have your flights on
– they have your destination airport on
– done!

• This cool Waterproof notebook is the perfect place to document your travellers tales, and maybe take down the names of some of those cool kids on their summer holidays.

• This Gourmet Scratch map is just one of our famous range of Scratch Maps. If you’d been given this before you left you might have been able to plan your meals!

• With this Currency Money bank you could be flashing the cash at the airport bar instead of starting you holidays starving on your own without any of your luggage!

Make your family and friends aware of the 5 Awesome Travel Gifts the Intrepid Traveller Doesn’t Know About and make sure you don’t end up in this situation!