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3 Top stocking fillers for him

xmas stocking fillers him

If you’re spending your first Christmas together as a couple it’s very important to get the Christmas presents right. One of you at least will be spending it away from their family (both of you if you’re lucky!) and there’s always that pressure to make sure it feels ‘Christmassy enough’, which basically means: like it did when you were a kid. One way to do this is Stocking fillers! It’s all very well getting them a super duper main present but it’s the stocking fillers that are the true spirit of Christmas. Stocking filler ideas for men can be particularly challenging, but you can’t go wrong with these 3 top stocking fillers for him.

1. Stamp Map Passport

If he’s the kind of guy who loves the thrill of a fresh new stamp in his passport then this is the xmas gift for him. Styled like a passport with a page for filling in your personal information plus 27 more pages of world maps for you to stamp when you’ve visited them. Simply change the head of the wooden stamp to mark places you want to travel to with an “X”, and stamp all the rest with “VISITED” creating your very own travel record and travel bucket list in one!

Stocking fillers

2. Hologram Viewer

The problem with Christmas as you get older is that you don’t get any toys to play with on Christmas Day. Until now! Wrap one of these up in his stocking this year and he’ll be able to create and view his own holograms! Which will keep him quiet for hours so you can watch Dr Who, or the Queen’sChristmas stocking fillers for him speech if you’re so inclined. To view Hologram Viewer in detail click here.



3. Hang Up

The latest innovative gadget from Luckies. This copper hanger doubles as an ambient light for when he’s up at the crack of dawn and needs to shed some light on the situation. It’ll throw a soft light over the contents of his wardrobe so he can get dressed in the dark without making any fashion faux pas! Or waking you up hopefully. To view Hang Up in detail click here.