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3 cool gifts for friends starting a new job

Isn’t it wonderful when something brilliant happens to one of your mates? It’s almost as good as if it happened to you yourself. If you’ve got a friend who’s just landed a new job, you’ll no doubt want to help them celebrate. And what better way than getting your BFF some sweet new job gifts? Here at Luckies we’ve got quirky stationery gifts for a new job, tech gifts, first job gifts and even something to help them enjoy their tea break. A little piece of luck and fun for them take with them on their first day; here are 3 cool gifts for friends starting new jobs.

1. The Envelope
If you’re looking for graduation gifts for someone who’s about to start their first job; The Envelope is part tech sleeve part stylish fashion statement. This slim profile laptop sleeve is inspired by the classic manilla envelope and will ensure your friend turns up for work on their first day looking like they mean business. Strong and durable, this protective case is made from a tear proof and writeable material, with grey quality felt for extra padding.

2. Rainbow Sticky Notes
It’s always good to make friends and allies in your new job and with these Rainbow Sticky Notes, your friend will be able to send out the message that they’re not all work and no play. They’ll add a little bit of colour to a grey office and the colour coding feature make it the perfect gift for anyone who is just this side of being an organisational freak.

3. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
Just because they work in a communal office, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a nice brew of their favourite proper loose leaf tea, whatever variation that may be – English Breakfast, Assam or Oolong. And this miniature Baby Nessie floating around in their cup will surely cheer them up on a tough day in the office. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a new job, you could pair this with some posh biscuits to keep in their drawer too for in case of emergencies.