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Thoughtful and Inspired Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Some can shudder at the prospect of having to find the perfect gift, while others may relish in the experience. In either instance, there can be times when inspiration is in short supply, making the gift buying experience more frustrating than it should be.

Luckies understands the frustrations that many face when searching for original and inspired gift ideas, which is why it strives to ensure its range of gift ideas are perfect for any occasion or personality, even those who are trying to buy for.

Gift ideas for men are plentiful, but many of them can be conventional offerings that offer nothing new or personal. As such, those looking for inspired gifts for the men in the life will need to source gift ideas from elsewhere.

The following is an overview of some fabulous gift ideas available for the men in your life, ensuring that you can find the perfect gift in every instance, regardless of the person’s interests or age.

Scratch Maps Are Fun for All Ages

Giving a map as a gift may seem strange at first, but the Scratch Map is not any ordinary map. First created in 2007, the Scratch Map has gone from strength to strength and now offers designs based on music, animals and even curse words.

Scratch Maps offers accurate representations of the world, as well as maps focused on areas including the UK and US.

One of the most alluring features of the Scratch Map range is the scratchable panels, which reveal information regarding the subject matter of the map. For example, those who purchase the Scratch Map Wild World can learn about different animals from all over the globe.

Given how many Scratch Maps there are, they are the perfect gift for children and adults, and offer the originality many are looking for when purchasing a gift.

Avoid Rain Checks with a 100% Water-Resistant Journal

Given all the technology people have access to, it would be easy to assume that there is no demand for the conventional journal, but nothing could be further from the truth.

However, using a conventional journal can come to a soggy end is some instance, unless you choose the aptly named Rain Check journal.

This A6 notebook contains water resistant pages, so there is never any need to halt a sketch should the sky turn grey. There is also a premium graphite pencil included to ensure that you get the best from your handiwork.

If you are looking for an original gift idea that offers the same benefits as a conventional journal, while adding further value in the process, then the Rain Check Journal is for you.

Make Storage of Headphone Simples with the Rock On Headphone Stands

We all know that a headphone stand is not the most innovative of gift ideas, at least until now. The wonderful thing about browsing Luckies for your gift ideas is there is always a novel spin on conventional products, and nothing highlights this better than the Rock On headphone stand.

Regardless of whether the man in your life is a fan of music or is a video gaming nut, the Rock On headphone stand is the perfect gift idea for men of all ages. The design of the Rock On Headphone Stand will be familiar with many music and video game fans, and can be used to display headphones and wired earbuds with ease.

Don’t worry if you are looking for something for a smaller space, as the popularity of the original Rock On headphone stand has led to a smaller iteration of the iconic stand being created in the form of the Rock On Mini.

Meet Financial Goals Easily with the Save the World Money Box

Although money boxes are a terrific way saving money, the conventional options do not always offer the versatility some are looking for. Luckies can step into the breach one again with the Save the World money box.

This globe inspired money box not only comes complete with its own luxury stand but includes pin markers to ensure that those that like to travel meet their global goals.

The Save the World Money Box also includes a dry wipe marker and cloth, meaning that goals can be written on the money box, and then removed once the milestone is updated.

The Save the World money box is another example of how versatile and innovative its variety of gifts can be, regardless of the age of the person you are buying a gift for.

The gift ideas listed are simply an example of the inspired gift ideas. If you are currently frustrated by some of the gift options available, then why not browse various gift ideas at Luckies today.