Smartphone Projector

The Luckies Smartphone Projector was launched in 2014, and in a short space of time it has quickly become one of our best selling products! We created the Smartphone Projector to bring back a little low fi fun to a world full of expensive high tech gadgets and gizmos. We all love to use our iPhones, so why not create a cool gift that uses technology in a retro way. Using a simple glass lens, this cardboard Projector can magnify the image on your phone up to 8 times, and is easy to set up and project images or video on any white wall. Whether you want to create a slide show of your latest Instagram snaps, project the holiday video you just uploaded to YouTube or stream a movie from Netflix, all you need is Smartphone Projector. Oh and a smart phone of course….!

Smartphone Projector is easy to use and fast to setup

Our Original black diy smartphone projector comes with clear instructions which show you how to make a cardboard projector in under twenty minutes. All you need is glue or double sided sticky tape, and you’ll be using your iPhone as a projector in no time! In a world where even toddlers play with iPads, Smartphone Projector makes a cool diy project for any gadget lover or fun craft project for kids. Keep the little ones entertained while they get creative putting their new gift together, and then once it’s finished they can project video and images all over the house. We’d even recommend projecting cartoons onto the wall of a tent from the inside, it’s a great excuse to have a mini outdoor cinema night!

Straight out of the box, Smartphone Projector 2.0

If you just can’t wait to use your phone as a projector, Smartphone Projector 2.0 is ready to use straight out of the box. With it’s leather effect finish and silver foil detail, Smartphone Projector 2.0 has a luxury feel that’s hard not to admire and makes the perfect gift for the guy or girl who has everything. After all, who wouldn’t want a mini cinema in a box? It also makes a great birthday gift for teenagers, ideal for setting up music videos or graphic visuals to project at a house party, or inside a tent at a festival! The possibilities really are endless, and although it is a cool gift for gadget lovers, Smartphone Projector makes a great present for any occasion or personality!

Enhance the cinema experience with Smartphone Speakers, now available to accompany both Smartphone Projector models.

Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector is an ingenious gift suitable for any occasion.
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Smartphone Projector 2.0

Cinema in a box, ready to use Smartphone Projector.
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Smartphone Speakers

Enhance the at home cinema experience with Smartphone Speakers.
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