Cool Gifts

When it comes to cool gifts, we’ve got you covered because if there’s one thing we can do, it’s quirky and unusual gifts. And we’re not talking a polite ‘thanks very much’ kind of cool, we’re talking family-favourite-for-months kind of cool. Whether you’re looking for an unusual gift for your uncle, a great gadget for your girlfriend or you’re just trying to score some brownie points with your new boss, we’ve covered all bases.

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Biskviti Tea Infuser

Biscuit shaped tea infuser
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Chill Bill

Penguin shaped odour absorber
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Coloring fun for travellers
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Glow Tape

Glow in the dark sticky tape
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Create mushrooms with this radish shaper
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The Envelope

Tech sleeve
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If you’ve never had the pleasure of living in uni halls, you may not know the pain of the communal fridge. The kind of pain that starts with an innocent poke around the back of the fridge, only to be nasally assaulted by three week old milk, questionable Chinese takeout and a pizza slice that’s threatening to walk out on it’s own. For those still living in terror of the serial fridge fillers, we introduce Chill Bill – a plastic penguin you fill with baking soda that’ll soak up odours so you don’t have to. Or for those who love a little fun in the kitchen, why not try Ravanello? A magical radish shaper that’s guaranteed to make that boring salad appetising.

There are so many travel gifts out there these days that it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. That’s why we’re always looking for new and quirky ways for you to impress your friends. Take our Colorlogue  – a collection of maps, flags and guides of the world that you colour as you visit. A perfect gift to while away the hours at the airport! Or for those that travel far and wide to grace the world’s festivals with their presence, why not try the Glow Tape? Simply stick to your clothes / suitcase / tent / best friend’s forehead when they’re passed out and instantly light up the party!

Everyone and their brother has the latest gadget these days which is why we’ve created The Envelope. A lightweight tech sleeve to keep your tech safe, this classic design also comes with a quality grey felt lining. Because who doesn’t want to look great while they’re protecting their tech?