Fun office stationery

The three words: fun office stationary. Definitely something we don’t hear enough in life. Exam stationary, and quite simply, office stationary, are heard all too frequently and more often than not refer to a boring brown pencil case or a simple lined notebook that lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. But here at Luckies with our amazeballs selection of fun office stationary gift ideas which are all bursting with bantz, you’ll be jumping for joy come Monday morning (#happymonday). No longer will colleagues raid the stationary cupboard after it’s been stocked, now they’ll be hanging round your desk borrowing and not returning your novelty pens and notebooks. But who could blame them – miniature desk wheelie bins to store your multi-coloured pens in?! Sold!

Got a mate who’s landed their dream job in the city? Surprise them with the Sardine Paperclips, the fun fish shaped paperclips that does exactly what it says on the (sardine) tin. Or how about jazzing up the desk of Anne in Accounts on her birthday? Rubber Jonny, the novelty erasers, are far from dull and sure to tickle her pickle…or land you with a call from HR (our bad). Our selection of fun office stationary gift ideas certainly add some silliness to the working week, so much so that come Friday at 5 o’clock you might be sad to go home. Naaaaaaaat.

Custom Camper Desk Tidy

DIY pen pot with stickers.
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