Unusual gifts for men

As the worlds leading manufacturer of unique travel gifts, Luckies stocks and extensive collection of unusual gifts for men, suitable for any occasion or recipient!


Unusual Stocking Fillers for Men

Have previous stocking fillers for your male mates been so predictable you could base a…


Unusual Gift Ideas to Turn Your Summer Fling Into a Long Term Thing


It all started with some good lighting and a swipe right on Tinder... You’ve met…


Green Fingered Gifts for Men Who Have Everything


You know how it is - your Dad’s birthday is coming around and you’ve literally…


Unusual Gifts to Give to Your Travel Obsessed Friends


We all have that travel obsessed friend who found themselves aged thirteen, after a 20 hour long…

5 Unusual Gift Ideas for The Men in Your Life


Is it just us, or is it getting more and more tricky to source unique…

Protect your tablet with the unique iPad Cover by Luckies


Looking for an iPad cover with a unique difference? Look no further! The main appeal…

Laptop sleeve 17 inch

Laptop sleeve 17 inch

If you're in search of a laptop sleeve 17.3 with a difference take a look…

The coolest way to record and remember your travels, the Travelogue Travel Journal


If you are a travel enthusiast, like to vacation in different regions of the world…

Luxury Travel Journal

A brilliantly innovative interactive travel journal to create a personalised diary of adventures


If you are a keen travel enthusiast or are looking for an unusual gift for…

The sophisticated gadget that makes a great gift for just about anyone.


Nearly everyone owns a smartphone these days. Whether a business person or a teenager, most…

Travel Edition Scratch Map USA

Love the good old US of A? Get Scratch Map® USA Travel Poster to record your trips!


It’s so cool to go on your travels in the US, whether you are driving…

Scratch Map Travel

Scratch Map® Travel Poster the essential travel companion for anyone embarking on a gap- year or trip of a lifetime.


Taking a gap year is a big, once in a lifetime opportunity for adventure. You…

Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box, protect and preserve mementos

Treat your memories the way they deserve with the ultimate retro keepsake box Keepsake Box…

Greetings Card Kit

Greetings Card Kit - Time to get creative


Want to give your friends and family a more personalised card? Fed up of looking…

The Gourmet Scratch Map™Poster


For anyone who loves food and travel, the Gourmet Scratch Map™ is for the perfect…

Gifted bows

Gifted Gift Bows - Give any gift a facelift


These days most of us are pushed for time and struggle to make gifts look…

Eric The Memo Elephant

Eric the Memo Elephant - After All Elephants Never Forget


Forgetful? There are so many ways of trying to remember things, but most of them…

CapitaiLIST Piggy Bank


A home savings bank with a difference. Most people grew up saving their pocket money…